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    Hi Tommy,
    It’s not clear which ISO std you’re referring to, but I’ll assume ISO 9001:2008.
    1. Obtain a copy of ISO 9001:2008, understand it’s requirements
    2. Conduct online search and read case studies on how it’s applied to call centers
    3. Hire a consultant to guide you (optional)
    4. There are enough do-it-yourself kind of resources on net,…[Read more]

  • Good question! Six Sigma is basically introduced to lead organization towards a positive change. Hence I suggest to consider following characteristics while choosing BB:
    * Influence & lead large team [& tough nuts :-) ]
    * Confidently work with Sr. Management
    * Quickly learn, especially stats which is a key distinguishing factor for a BB
    *…[Read more]

  • This is fantastic ! Simply great response! Hats off, Luke!
    This was an unanswered question so far. But now I think you have answered it.

  • Hi Diana
    I can support you on your project.
    Lean Six Sigma MBB

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    Amrita, for certifications you can visit this website

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    Show them the benefits of implementing a quality system and you should spend some effort quantifying them in Dollar value. You can include following things : Cost of failure, Cost of inspection, Cost of rework and Cost-benfit of implementing a quality system. Show them some industry wide best practices and the benefits your competitors got due to…[Read more]

  • Hi Jeff
    In my opinion you should be following 2 pronged approach. As the attrition rate is very high, it should be plugged immediately. You should conduct a Kaizen event where you invite all the concerned people and brainstorm on the Quick fixes which can help to plug the flow for a short term. This time will give you the much needed time to…[Read more]

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    Hi Alen
    In my opinion you can look forward to 3 metrics:
    1) Number of defect in the welding process, each part will have 4 opportunities as there are 4 joints.
    2) Number of defective units, where either one or more defects are faulty.
    3) Strength of the welding joint, where you can measure the strength of each weld by destructive testing. In…[Read more]

  • Hi Darren,
    We are running a big program which runs out of London and Bangalore. Would be great if you can write to me at [email protected] and I will speak to the program manager if we can work out a liason. Please also mention the organization you are working with (so that we can verify if there may be any conflicting interests)

  • Hi, There is no fixed agenda for Steering Committee, based on your requirement you need to finalize the agenda. I normally discuss the following points:

    Project closure status, Certification status, Financial savings status.
    Performance (sigma level) of critical processes.
    One slide update for each running project.
    Projects in pipeline…[Read more]

  • Hi Pari, this infact is a very interesting topic to work on. I had mentored a similar project where we took the measurable parameter as the ‘ramp up period’ which was defined as  ‘Number of days taken to reach a specified level of productivity’. The improvements focussed on the key skills to be delivered to the people to achieve the required…[Read more]

  • Hi Claire, In my opinion just treating the data as discrete may not be the best thing to do as it may limit the information that data can throw to us. What I would suggest is to conduct Normality test for the data and if it is found normal, we should treat it as Continuous data only but if it is non normal we can go ahead with treating it as…[Read more]

  • Normally it is considered to range between 3-6 months but a lot depends on the process that you are working on, data availability, participation from process owner, support from senior management, type of solutions you are looking for etc.

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    I had posted my earlier message without reading the entire thread, first you need to be sure if you are concerned about defects or defectives. In my opinion you should go by the defectives and your defectives will never be greater than the number of units processed and thereby you can use 2 Proportion test.

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    As you are testing number of defects, it is a discrete data. Hence, you should be using 2 proportion test or Chi Square test. 2 Sample t test can be used when you have Y as a continuous variable but that is not the case here. Your ‘X’ is a discrete variable and so is your ‘Y’.

  • Its not necessary to measure both of them, based on your problem you need to decide whether you want to improve the number of defects or number of defectives, thereafter you can decide what you would like to measure.

  • Hi,
    The best way is to make people think for themselves, but you can support them with throwing in some ideas, the following parameters can be looked into:
    1) Time taken for delivery of the vehicles.
    2) Number of damages in Transit.
    3) Cost of transportation.
    4) Cost of damages.

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    Hi Mr ‘T’
    Based on the purpose for which you are drawing your Value Stream Maps, you need to identify which metrics you want to capture data for and then you can go ahead with it.
    There is no point wasting time in collecting something which you would never use.

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    Hi Kent
    As a part of your Verify phase you should identify control for the CTQs and monitor them when the design is implemented to find out if the design is performing fine. If some variations are observed probably a DMAIC project can be initiated to fix that.

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    Hi Don
    Unfortunately +/- 3 sigma doesnt apply over here. Your specification limit for the part id defined by the design, just check that relaxing it should not result in the failure of the entire assembly. Check with your R&D dept if the specification limits can be relaxed and if yes – by what extent. If it cannot be relaxed – You should look for…[Read more]

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