• Most of the difficult situations Black Belts face in their day-to-day work are not related to the application of a specific Six Sigma tool, but rather to change or project management issues. For example, issues […]

    • A great article from Arne… for consideration when resolving difficult situations from change and project related management issues with establishing a reflection team system to cap the knowledge and experience of their peers and the identification of the key root causes and formalize with this structured collative problem solving approach….cheers Ralph

    • I appreciated this article, This kind of approach is strongly usefull on our daily challenges as Black Belts.
      I would like to let you know that I’ll try put it on work in my company as soon as I can.

      Hugs from Brazil

    • Excellent article! After reading and thinking about this, it could apply to any belt to have this kind of peer consultation.

    • Nicely written article.