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  • Darth,
    Sorry, I  don’t really understand what you meant. Do you mean we can set the null hypothesis as a “not equal” statement, and set alternative hypothesis as “equal” statement? How can we set this in Minitab?
    Please advise

  • Doma,
    If not mistaken, we cannot set any hypothesis we like in minitab. We cannot set not equal null hypothesis….
    Please advise what to do in that case

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    Thanks Anirvan Sen. I am studying about the standard deviation. I will post my question up again if I got any problem. Thanks a lot.

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    Sample = subgroup. We cannot calculate the mean and std dev of the population by getting all data in population. we can only randomly sampling some data (subgroup or sample with sample size n) from population, then estimate the parameter of the population based on the calculation done on subgroups or samples data

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    This is the definition of 95% confidence level. The true popuplation mean is located within the 95% confidence interval for mean of the samples
    It means that among 100 subgroups with sample size n you collected from a population, the will be 95 of them having the population mean located within the 95% condifence interval for mean of sa…[Read more]

  • Siva,
    I got a few questions:
    1. Sometimes the value of improvement alone is not enough to conclude anythings. For example I have improved the cycle time by 100 hours, but if the original process take 10000 hours, I only improved by 1%. However is my origianal process take 200 hours, I have improved it by 50%. Thus I can say that the second…[Read more]

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    You mentioned that all the tests are independent.
    However, if we have the 0.95 probability that our randomness test correct, 0.95 probability that the normality test correct, 0.95 probability that equal varaince test correct and 0.95 2-sample t test correct.
    Then, should we say that we are making a final conclusion on probability (0.95)^4…[Read more]

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    Theoretically, we are assuming the data is random and following normal distribution before we go for statistic test such as 2 sample t, 1 sample Z. The test is normally tested with 5 % error (95% confidence level).
    However, in real case, we will test our data for randomness (5% error) and normality (5% error), then only we will go for statistic…[Read more]

  • See Vikas,
    u came up with an excellent solution urself..and then it looks like you might have get in touch with your HR head and explain to him the money which he is losing if he is not signing MOU with other companies..
    One more solution for attrition is –> another site at a place where a place where supply for manpower is high and demand is…[Read more]

  • Vikas,
    Nothing is impossible,even impossible is I M Possible..Actually let me add some points to it…Attrition is good and bad for business in some ways or the other
    Good:If the employee is not upto the expectation of the goals which the employee (it depends on the company till how much time they can hold on the employee)..we might wanna call…[Read more]

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    See it depends,there can interdepartmental projects or departmental projects ,something like Attrition with involve ops ,training ,HR etc.However, for same department topics like Trasnport issue’s (cab not arriving on time–> major issue’s in BPO’s) could be an admin related project.So ,it depends on your project scope where you want to apply the…[Read more]

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    It has been applied in BPO industry successfully in different departments including migration,training,HR,quality complaince,process excellence amongst others.

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    What is the acceptance of statistics and statistical tools in Japan, in support of various quality initiatives?