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    Hello there!
    I am basically in the same position as you in a service company, and I am also a green belt. I began last year by looking at our feedback (survey) forms to see what areas our customers were not happy with (or could have been happier). Then I looked at which of those, by fixing, would add value to both the client and to us. So, then I…[Read more]

  • Hi Boom-Boom,
    In order to make an improvement you need to know where you are starting from (benchmark).  How many rooms do you have available to sell on any given day (look at records going back 6 months to a year and try to find a trend). If you have lots of rooms available, either sales needs to bring in more conventions/parties, or you need…[Read more]

  • We get scores from a 3rd party company that give us the orders. So, we have to improve our CTQ scores. Unfortunately I feel the questions they ask the customer are too general, not giving enough detail to help me nail down the real CTQ issues. I have to identify for 2009 three CTQ issues per customer order. Of course, they will differ each time.…[Read more]

  • Hi Michael,
    I did this for similar expenses – money we were paying out and could not collect back from our accounts. Each time we did this we required our counselors to fill out a “write-off” form, and “coding” the item that was being written off (such as per diem (code 91) or accessoria charges (code 60) and send it to our accounting…[Read more]