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  • Hi all,
    I am looking for feedback from my MBB peers.
    Since when did it become acceptable to say “I cannot answer that because I am not a statistician”.
    I hear this from individuals who teach other black belts on […] 9 years, 7 months ago

  • Hmmm,

    Resolution and the bucket of 10 rule maybe? 9 years, 7 months ago

  • Ok, here’s an update:

    Was certified as a LSSMBB from More Steam/ Ohio State University last March (2011). Was a very good experience and it was a tough certification path. Which, in my opinion makes it a little more credible. What was required? 5 years experience as a CERTIFIED black belt, 10 mentored green belt projects with evidence, 5 large…[Read more]

  • Great question!

    Cpk uses an “estimated sigmavalue (Rbar/d2) in its formula. It is commonly used to measure whether the process is capable of meeting a customer’s requirements.

    Ppk uses the “actual sigma” value ( S – Google it) in its formula so it is commonly used to measure whether the process is actually meeting a customer’s…[Read more]

  • Hiya Dario,

    I am functioning as a Global Director of Quality/Lean/ Six Sigma and had the same questions as you. The online only certifications I have had a bad experience with trying to certify people as green and black belts that way. So I looked for a hybrid and selected More Steam/ Ohio State University. I hope to be certified this spring.…[Read more]

  • Not to rain on your parade, but to quantify your research you would most likely have to disclose financial data from the target company. This project is what we call within six sigma a “boil the ocean” project. You may want to reduce the scope of the project to a manageable piece.

  • Hello and good luck on your endeavor!

    I would highly recommend that you join a local ASQ branch and inquire about which members are a certified SSBB. Then, politely request mentoring. You may be surprised at the response!

  • Hi and welcome to the SS community.

    I am a MBB and launched a greenbelt program at this company this year. I am also the instructor. The GB training here is 1 week a month for 2 months. We cover all the tools in the DMAIC path. I require all my greenbelts to have minitab (a statistical software program) that does all the math for them and…[Read more]

  • The best way would be through project wok while being mentored through said project by a skilled black belt. Avoid online certification as that will not give you solid experience. If you have a job already, volunteer to be a green belt first. If you don’t have a job, search for a company with a well established six sigma program and tell them…[Read more]