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    …which raises a good question:  when using a phrase like “us Americans” in the objective case in a sentence, do you really use “us” (as in “give us a challenge”) — or since “us Americans” is really a phrase used in the objective case, is it really “give we Americans a challenge”?
    (Maybe the real solution is to drop either “us” or “Americans” i…[Read more]

  • You might try……….”Measuring Customer Satisfaction”…….by Bob Hayes (ASQ publication)

  • Yes.  Complete waste of time and illogical.
    We here at the isixsigma forum have demonstrated via long history a decided preference for measurably incomplete wasting of time. 
    Once we step even one toe into the domain of the evil of complete wasting of time, then what might next be allowed? — complete sentences?  complete thoughts?  complet…[Read more]

  • While it is true that I have a working, electric vacuum in my hall closet, I like to use a cement  trowel to clean my carpets because it gets them approximately clean.
    If there are tools designed specifically for the correct technical evaluation of ordinal data, why would one EVER confound the situation by misapplying the tools design…[Read more]

  • t-test and anova have no business in the same room with Likert scale survey responses…..period!
    (And anyone who would invite them to the same party is a flatulant buffoon)