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    Ask yourself what do the operators specifically do that impact the goals of your company. I’ve come up with a sort of FMEA… Focus, Measure, Enable, Account. What do they need to focus on… How can they measure their success of that thing… How can they be enabled to do it better… How will they hold themselves accountable?
    My thoughts.

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    New VGB:
    Have you considered contacting the editor of iSix Sigma Magazine and see if he’ll publish your Lean-SS case study?

  • That’s between you and your Champion. You want to ensure that as many of the stakeholder groups are represented as possible without making the team so large that managing the group becomes more of a task than the project you’re working on! I’ve found 5 or 6 is a good working number. The key is to have the right people not so much concern over t…[Read more]

  • I do not feel seeking feedback is ‘wimpy’, I would suggest welcoming feedback is way to  grow in your leadership skills which it appears to me you want to do. 
    I would also suggest however, that feedback occur during the project, not after. I have fourn feedback one:one with a trusted team member can build a strong supporter in the executi…[Read more]

  • Andy, thanks for your answer.
    I’m in line with you and your thoughts are likes mine. 
    I hope someone have more details, to share, on that.
    Regards, GC

  • Dear Mr. Andy U, I agree with your (taguchi) approach. Your concise description of flow to be used is very clear.
    Please, let me ask for your opinion on a different situation about Ford. Maybe you know that in EU Ford Focus was one of most awarded (reliability and design) and sold car of  last years (not so expansive) and Ford is now…[Read more]

  • Gents thanks for answers.They are in right direction of my findings.
    I’ll try to get the sw tool in the way to find right “numeric” translation of human performance and their influence on final results (FMEA, Cause/Effect, DOE, etc.. already applied).
    I hope it help me more.
    Thanks again.