• I saw BMG’s ProjX tool is being used by J&J, ServiceMaster and Seagate.  If they’re all using it, it can’t be bad.  I’d love to hear feedback from anyone using other programs…..other than from Mike Carnell that is.

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    It sounds like the answer to your problem is web-based training.  There are a small number of firms that I know of that offer this training over the internet.  I’d watch out for any company that offers web-based Six Sigma training without any other type of Six Sigma products or services.  Good luck,

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    Brian,Definitely call before you buy on whoever you choose as I found some programs that didn’t add up to all of their own hype. Good luck.

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    I got  my MBB training at BMG and they are top notch.  Their training concentrates on lots of the soft skills that really enabled me to succeed in front of a class of people.  I was very satisfied with my training and my trainers from BMG were great.  I’d check them out and make sure whoever you choose has a strong background in Six Sigm…[Read more]

  • Bill, I got my BB training through BMG and I was very impressed with their course.  The MBB trainer was excellent.  There are lots of new companies that advertise SS training, but very few have the experience with it.  Make sure to find a provider that only offers SS, not a huge mix of products.  I would also make sure to call and talk to some…[Read more]

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    I’ve seen some guidelines for assesment if project is appropriate for quality approach at