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  • ED is short for Emergency Department…expanded version of the ER, Emergency Room, or EC, Emergency Center…the same place, just different terminology, and sometimes indicating the size or scope of the facility

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    Our Six Sigma program is less than a year old, and we just recently completed our first wave of Green Belt training…the expectations we set was that it was roughly a 20% time commitment, which means as much as one full day in a five day work week…although from our initial mentoring sessions, the true time commitment may be more dependent on…[Read more]

  • Amen to the “world hunger” comment! We have experienced that in our organization, and although we are about 7 months into our Six Sigma program, we continue to struggle with appropriate scoping and scale of projects.
    The recently trained Black Belts are now working with the senior managers in “project identification” sessions that allow us to do…[Read more]

  • We currently have 12 Black Belts that went through classroom training together and one Belt that used distance learning…he commented that he missed out on the interaction and alternate viewpoints aspects of being in a classroom with other Belts…I think we have all learned as much or more from each other as we did from just the straight…[Read more]

  • Well, the short answer is, we haven’t gotten there yet…we are still in the training phase, and while we are actively pursuing multiple projects, we haven’t yet had to pin down the financial metrics on any of them…we have some theories, but until one actually is applied, there is no way of knowing for sure if it is valid…

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    Our Six Sigma program is less than one year old, but an ancillary Quality Process Improvement department was created at the regional level to supplement the 3 community-based hospital groups internal Quality departments in our system…each of our 9 hospitals have internal Quality departments, but Six Sigma Black Belts live at the regional level,…[Read more]