• Agree with Adam,
    Colm at Palamo has been there, done it & got the badge – you wont go far wrong using his organisation to delelop yourself / organisation.

  • W.A
    “The concept seems to be still in its infancy in Non-US countries”
    incorrect on many accounts, the main one being that most of the ‘founding’ organisations of 6S are multinationals & as such their ‘concept’ crept out of the US & touched on most of their non-US facilities / plants etc.
    moreover, it has to be remembered that the…[Read more]

  • I am absolutely & utterly 100% behind Andy U on this one, for those of you who are not in our great island at present may not realize the fervour (& the importance) to sports fans in the UK that’the ashes’ mean to us, especially now we have compiled a team that is actually capable of taking the treasured urn off the aussies, i suggest less…[Read more]

  • Hi Tanmoy,
    I am feeling in a generous mood today (don’t know why as the day at work has been garbage) anyhoo, post your e-mail address on here & i will send you an example of a full regression model – although its manufacturing based, it doesn’t really matter however.
    It will be tomorrow sometime (if i haven’t emigrated by then!)

  • Jaybee replied to the topic What does it take . . . in the forum General 17 years, 3 months ago

    I would also like to add that the ‘better’ BB’s / MBB’s have excellent presentation & oral skills, are good at captivating their audience & when training people, make sure that the ‘next wave’ had a totally enjoyable experience in their training. It is also fair to say that a really good BB can talk to people & explain rationale, by this i mean…[Read more]

  • JAB,
    Depends on what you want to ‘sample’ the bog standard answer is usally 30 data points….

  • Hi Andy U,
    From memory, you are in the London area, i suggest killer eels are nowhere near as harmful as jellied eels – yukkkkk….

  • Agree with Trev,
    GB’s aren’t (usually) full time 6s professionals, they retain their salary for the job they are currently doing, eg – Logistics manager / IT manager etc etc, whilst carrying out a project typically 20% of their time, they MAY get a bonus for completion of a project, but they MAY not. They tend NOT to get a salary increase once…[Read more]

  • Hi Paul,
    Maybe a good idea for you is to look at Meredith Belbins ‘teams & team behaviours’. Another thing to look at is the ‘team wheel’ (apologies for not reciting the author). Reading some of these works (plus i appreciate there are oodles of other excellent team characteristic / behaviour authors) will give you some insight into the kind of…[Read more]

  • I agree,
    but they were both refreshing, Human F – keep up the latest edge that you have acquired, it is first rate – congrats….

  • Jaybee replied to the topic X bar and R Chart in the forum General 17 years, 3 months ago

    Hi BG,
    You can use any variable control chart that is fit for purpose, however, you need to make sure the ‘testers’ can actually measure correctly, for that reason you need to conduct MSA, variable gage RnR, if unsure about how to do it / what is required, check out this website.
    Use the Anova method as opposed to the Xbar & R while conducting…[Read more]

  • Jaybee replied to the topic Quick Win Opportunity in the forum General 17 years, 3 months ago

    Simple the BB,
    Sometimes a quick win is something that needs doing & can be done quickly & with little effort, but the guys who could do it (process ops / supervisors / Engineers etc) sometimes have more ‘urgent’ things to do. For this reason a GB / BB / Lean guy can nip in & get the job done, say within 2 weeks (or less) there may not…[Read more]

  • IE Student,
    No problem, maybe you could check out some of the advertised job sites on this website for the States.
    I also know that there are some big US multinationals that run graduate schemes (also employing recently graduated personnel) the one from the top of my head would be Johnson Controls (only from memory) i believe they are based in…[Read more]

  • IE Student,
    No, I was never a GB, I was involved in project teams when 6s kicked off in my previous company(1999/2000), from a QA perspective. I then applied for & became a BB. The thing is all companies are different, where i worked a BB was 100% in 6s, a GB was trained nearly the same as a BB (BB was 5 days per phase training, GB was 3 days per…[Read more]

  • Hi IE Student,
    Again, i would like to say (with my employer’s hat on) i would like to see both the project (very small overview of tools used in phases – maybe only 2 – 3 lines on resume) & also where / when etc you obtained your training. I would be more interested in what you have done, but also what you know.
    You could then put on your…[Read more]

  • Wise words Darth,
    It is vital the the learning is converted into reality (as with most things in life i guess)
    That is why it is imperative that real life projects are worked on to cement the learning – it also allows for your fingers to get burnt at times.
    There will be arguments that can rage until the end of time about ‘who is the best to…[Read more]

  • Jaybee replied to the topic Variable GRR Study in the forum General 17 years, 3 months ago

    Hi Kingpin,
    What appears to be the problem with Minitab?
    are you entering the data into the correct fields (part no. / operators / measurement data) ? are you using crossed/nested? Anova / Xbar & R method? what is the error on Minitab telling you?
    it may be that the issue is a stacking one.
    let me know, if its an actual Minitab thing i am…[Read more]

  • Jaybee replied to the topic Black Belt certification in the forum Europe 17 years, 4 months ago

    Hi Paul,
    Very surprised to see you out of work, with your relevant history.
    I am almost certain that ripe4 have advertised for a CI/BB role in Manchester, check out their site.
    Also, Paloma recruiting is another place you may consider, i know they are not hacks as a former MBB from where i used to work is there & he had a excellent reputation…[Read more]

  • Dear Aditi,
    i would be very interested in information you have regarding the faliure of six sigma at Alcatel i.e. why it failed / the reasons / how they tried to deploy it etc etc
    Thanks in advance

  • Tottow,
    & how did you find it? is it good / bad / indifferent? i just had a quick look & it appears to be similar to Minitab (apart from it pre-sets ‘phase’)
    don’t put yourself down, you may not be a moron – maybe just a little insecure…….
    Jaybee ‘$500 an hour”

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