• Like, one of the best things about kicking back and, like, watching the world unfold in front of you and stuff. Is that sometimes you can start to recognize patterns. It’s like watching a really nice rug being made right in front of your eyes man.

    It’s like that one philosopher guy said…

    I forget what he said. Anyway, Prabhu seems to be a…[Read more]

  • This thread needed a bit of a revival with an image of Darth on the job – making even the simplest six sigma projects seem ominous. 8 years, 10 months ago

  • Hey, everybody. It’s The Dude again, man.
    This is a general inquiry to the masses out there. Like, I have to spend a lot of time…like an unnecessary amount of time doing these things. What do you call them? […] 8 years, 10 months ago

  • A dramatic recreation of when Darth tried to connect with his son on Facebook. 9 years ago

  • Woah now. Look man, I’m not here to attack anybody.

    It was just something that I thought could use some clarification since I use to have to deal with a guy back in the bowling league days who had the same shady past. With people like that, things can get ugly pretty quickly. If you know what I’m saying, man.

    Lets all go back to have a good…[Read more]

  • Dude, the one that’s going down in Buena Vista. 9 years ago

  • Is the Steve Bonacorsi that’s part of the conference this week the same one listed as a sexual offender along with the charges of: witness tampering, criminal trespassing and resisting arrest?
    <a href="; […] 9 years ago

  • Lebowski changed their profile picture 9 years ago

  • Jim Ace,
    For a person who complained so loudly about people speaking about people they don’t know you now have another post where you do the same thing but excuse yourself by continuing to play the victim.
    As far as your continuing to show kindness and respect that everyone – that would include Stan – deserves? You blasted away at Stan this week…[Read more]

  • Stan’s Evil Side,
    The royalty thing is just as much nonsense as the rest of his post. These books are not pulling big royalties. Don’t confuse the novel guys with the technical side. This is not big money even if you are Michael George considering GG is the largest purchaser of his books.

  • Jim Ace,
    Responding to your questions doesn’t interest me at all. I have read your posts and your are prancing around the site like the Jim Baker od Six Sigma passing judgement on everyone who posts that does not agree with you.
    If you take the content of your second paragraph is completely applicable to your post to Stan. So I suppose it makes…[Read more]

  • Stan’s evil side,
    Since you weren’t to impressed with that dribble that Gupta wrote why don’t you send it to Jim Ace so he can stop reasearching, pronouncing himself a professional and start reading the nonsense he is defending.

  • Gupta,
    What complete nonsense. How about doing what your lap dog Jim Ace says and let the data do the taking. Where is your data that proves that a corporate level sigma accelerates change. That is snake oil and smoke and mirrors.
    You assert that DPMO and Sigma drive to different things. Nonsense. They are two different numbers that represent…[Read more]

  • Jim Ace,
    Pretty strong words for someone who is to lazy to read the guys book. Stan has read it but because you are a professional and want to let the data do the talking you want to impune Stan. It looka a lot more like your discription of Stan is better suited to you.

  • Jim Ace,
    Rather than spend all your time reseaching his credentials just read the book. He is selling a non data approach to calculating sigma. That seems to be a bit of an oxymoron. That doesn’t take research and your ambiguous judgement of what seems quite sound.
    ….does not seem to be the type of individual that would do this! Read In…[Read more]

  • Omashi Hibachi,
    Are reading what you post? The post is around the measurement of the defect level. Nobody is talking about causation.
    This must be Marlon Brando morphed into some new level of cosmic unconciousness.

  • GrayR,
    Do you have any idea what a tired post this is. We have seen a lot of you guys roll through here with the “we knew all about the tools” and “we have done this for years.” Here’s the issue. If you really did know and do everything you and all the other “it was better in the good old days” guys, why was industry so receptive to the Six Sigma…[Read more]

  • Ron,
    That unfortunately was probably helpful to a lot of people. There is not this quantum leap that has to be made from the original version to the transaction version. The real issue is that people are intent on trying to make the point that they are different that they have lost the ability to interpret simple things.

  • Drift S__t,
    Interesting comments concerning communication, superior intelligence, and professionalism. Here is a news flash for you, take a look at your sentence structure and capitalization.

  • Jim Ace,
    This is how I judge the contribution of people is by how many papers that they have published. I am afterall the star of a cult film.
    How would I know who is a novice and who is not? It is actually indiscriminate beatings.

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