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    Thanks for replying Robert
    Yeah, everything is different. Excel is saying:
    y = -0.0099x + 0.6148
    with an r-squared of 0.0538
    Minitab is talking about:
    y =  13.58 – 5.404x
    with a r-squared of  0.053
    When I apply a polynomial the equations are still different although the r-squared stays relatively consistent.


  • I can’t send you it unless I have your e-mail address.

  • Thanks folks,
    I’m leaning more and more toward a GLM to give me the answer as to which Potential Xs are most influential.

  • Thanks Remi, some good thoughts.
    You are right about the possible existence of interactions. I don’t know if a matrix plot is going to help get round this though.
    What needs to be done is the reduction of a big list of potential Xs down to a smaller list which includes only the “juiciest” ones (those which have the biggest impact and are…[Read more]

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    DPMO = Defects Per Million Opportunities
    If a single unit only offers the chance to foul up once then Opportunities=Units.
    If each unit offers a number of (proven) chances that could be fouled up on then Opportunities > Units
    It looks like your option 2 is more correct. You could divide a invoice into bits – so address of customer, arithmetic…[Read more]

  • Lean allows you to fix problems for which the knowledge of the solution exists somewhere in the organization.
    Six Sigma gets the numbers to tell you what is going on, rather than people so it is not as dependant on “tribal knowledge”
    For sure there is a lot of discussion on this topic. Perhaps have a look back at some earlier posts on the same…[Read more]

  • Thanks. Ideal.
    You dont know what you dont know hu?

  • Yep,
    We’ve done lots.
    I’ll pull somthing together and fire it through. You still at the same address?

  • Sure. What’s your e-mail adress?

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    Mornin Robert,
    Thanks for this.
    Yes I plotted the data first
    A quadratic seems to be the best fit. I tried with a few other lines and the all either had a poor r2 (adj) or gave a very small increase in it as a result of making the equation more complex so I stuck with quadratic
    The residual pattern looked kinda odd. The variation in residuals…[Read more]

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    Your thoughts are very much appreciated.
    I’m trying to assess how much impact Patient Clinical Complexity has on Length of Stay (LOS).
    I messed around with the data and found that a quadratic regression equation fitted best. (Stat>Regression>Fitted Line plot)
    My R squared adjusted number is 30.8% which seems to be saying that there is…[Read more]

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    It sounds like a hypothesis test of some sort is needed.
    The specific one you use will depend on the type of data you have for each thing that you are trying to compare:

    Is the data normally distributed
    Does the data have outliers

    There are flow charts available everywhere on the internet which guide you to the most appropriate test,…[Read more]

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    The annotated session window output isn’t showing up properly. I’m going to see if I can attach it.

  • The picture was an image of the stats print out but dosent seem to be displaying. I’m going to try to attach it.

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    Fair point. Just look at the deltas away from the institution’s ALOS.
    The trouble comes when you try to do a reality check and let’s say (cue made up numbers) the ALOS is 3 days.
    Most people will look at this and say something along the lines of the last patient they saw  was at 30 days and that 3 could not possibly be correct. Then they will p…[Read more]

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    Any sampling will lead to an amount of error.
    The $60,000,000 question is how much error can be tolerated in this specific situation?
    Is it absolutely necessary, to know to the penny, how much over or underpayment happened in the period? (if so you had better go though every single claim and get a number)
    If on the other hand yo…[Read more]

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    Good thoughts annon. I’ve had a bunch of advice on this one and this is what it seems to boil down to:
    The purpose of a person whose job is process improvement is to improve processes. They should spend their time either “Following-Up”  on past projects or starting new ones, whatever will bring the greatest good to the orga…[Read more]

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    Thanks folks.

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    Hey Darth,
    I know this is an old post but we’re starting to raise similar questions here. I remembered this thread and…
    The indicator I’m thinking of using is the “ease of getting resources for new projects”.
    If the getting commitment-of-peoples-time-to-work-on-stuff-which-is-important is becoming like drawing wisdom teeth, then the orga…[Read more]

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