Michael W McLean


  • This is the Australian Standard for the Cost of Quality and has been available for some time.
    BIS IS 10708:1985 (R2000)Guide For The Analysis Of Quality CostsClick for product information…

  • May I suggest you go to Allan Mogensen and the Ben Graham Goup texts on Work Simplification (Erwin H Schell MIT) and The Improvement Institute (1966) for administration Wastes or as he called it “paerwork Simplification” with Ben Graham in 1941. Even Paul B Mulligan Group had these identifed way back in the 50’s. Mr Toyoda even said he learnt much…[Read more]

  • CWQC then TQC then TQM all had Incremental  [Kaizen] and Breakthrough [Juran] improvement projects with a support infrastructure and SPC and Problem Solving and Prevention tools. We have seen little diffrence with the Six Sigma projects completed to date and would say the lack of understanding of Process Stability and then Capablity in Six Si…[Read more]