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    In case of repeated defects, have you tried looking for patterns of defectives coming out of the same machine/produced by the same operator/in the same shift/same source of raw material etc.?
    If you can brainstorm with different guys and make separate  Cause Effect diagrams for each of the most frequent defects, you can then zoom in on the most…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    Here’s my two cents worth.
    Every organisational communication has an objective:  The sender intends the receiver(s) to
    a) be aware of something (INFORMATION) or
    b) to do something, usually by a particular date/time, (in a particular way) based on the information communicated       (ACTION)
    If you could, at the end/beginning of each co…[Read more]

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    I suppose you could persuade your management to buy a couple of useful books. To avoid breaching etiquette, I do not want to mention which ones I found most useful. But I could email you the info if you can give your address.
    To all the regulars:
    Can we have a system on this website where we give a rank/rating  to books  that we found most u…[Read more]

  • I agree 100% with Ken.
    Memo-cubes with adhesive, PU foam puzzles which can be made into a cube with D,M,A,I,C shown on the faces, T-shirts, mugs, Pen-cum-laser pointers, multi-time zone clocks have been tried out but they are only “maintenance” factors to use old  OB jargon. They do NOT motivate.

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    Praveen, Statman,
    Thanks a lot for sharing your viewpoints like gentlemen. The rest of us are learning in the process.
    With SS having been around for more than a decade I feel at least one organisation should have data to confirm the 1.5 sigma shift. Can someone from Motorola/Allied respond please?
    That would take the “assumed” out of it. …[Read more]

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    I like your expression “sick sigma”.