• Will,
    You might want to check out IQPC dot com (Six Sigma Exchange)

  • I think Erik is onto something.  You can probably gather data on the frequency of your different order sizes and use that to assign probabalities of those size orders to your model.  That way your simulation will provide a range of combinations over various runs, but you will end up with something that is more or less representative of your h…[Read more]

  • Travis,
    There have been several discussions on SS implementations in this forum.  Check out old posts for some valuable insights.
    Remember that if you don’t get active support and championing at the highest level (whatever the organization), you’re in for trouble.
    Good luck,

  • Billybob,
    Is there a control plan?
    Has the new capability been confirmed?
    Is the project on hold?
    Have the benefits been realized?
    Has the project been completely documented?
    Has the transition been made back to the process owner?
    Lots of questions to better understand your situation………….

  • Mike,
    I agree with most of your observations (by the way, I’m really enjoying the forum lately) but in my experience, the warning signs of a potential failing deployment, albeit stemming from the issues related to cultural change, are more with the perception that Six Sigma is not providing the results expected (everyone expects phenomenal GE…[Read more]

  • There are quite a few articles in the archives of this site on deployment pointers (I just browsed the titles quickly to check).
    Check out the Six sigma Forum magazine from the ASQ website (
    Be careful about consultant sites, they are most definitely biased to providing a service (training, deployment, etc).
    As far as open discussion…[Read more]

  • John,
    You can find out if there are opportunities for improvement beyond “the low hanging fruit” if you baselined your existing processes, determined their current sigma level and checked that they were capable enough to meet and exceed customer expectations.
    If they do, then kudos to you.  But are they in control? (I am of the opinion that…[Read more]

  • Patrick replied to the topic Bulding Homes? in the forum General 19 years, 2 months ago

    I agree with Jamie.  It seems there is an enormous opportunity to do a QFD, Kano Analysis, and VOC with this type of service.  (Check out house of quality in the tools and templates).
    My thoughts,

  • There was an article by Michael Hammer in the MIT Sloan Management review entitled “the Future of Six Sigma” (Winter 2002).  It’s an interesting read.
    Check out Motorola, Xerox, IBM…………

  • Dear Jock,
    You should consider the “deployment of six sigma” as a huge organizational culture change initiative.  Consider the stakeholders and you will discover that management is a big piece of the puzzle.  Your objective is that management walk the talk.  If they don’t fully believe in ss, you will never get to the point where it becomes pa…[Read more]

  • George,
    I think you have to make a distinction between bb and gb when it comes to the leadership skillset required and a training curriculum.
    In addition to the pure project related skills (cost, time, resources), bb conduct much larger scale projects then gb; our bb also coach, mentor and train gb; they assist champions in promoting ss and in…[Read more]

  • Kevin,
    I’m not quite sure where you’re coming from.  Could you put your question in context?

  • Amanda,
    I responded to your survey. I would be very interested in your compiled results.  When do you expect to have them?

  • Actually I didn’t. Since we are already talking about a discrete data scenario, I was taught that this is to be considered long term. So now that we have 9 defects divided by the total opportunities (2 500 000) gives you a DPO of 0.0000036 multiplied by 10^6 equals 3.6 DPMO, which is about 6 sigma long term (and considering a standard shift,…[Read more]

  • Hi carl h,
    I was browsing through the forum and saw your problem.  The way I read it, D=9 (miners trapped), OPxU=1000 miners times 10 years times 250 days = 2 500 000.
    This gives a 3.6 DPMO which is roughly 6 sigma LT.
    What am I doing wrong?

  • Patrick replied to the topic What is Span in the forum General 19 years, 5 months ago

    In answer to your question…As a customer, I don’t like the span metric because “if it ain’t here when I want it, it’s a defect”.  So I really think that we could look at this from a discrete data perspective and assign a sigma value that way.  It’s harsh but we could always look at the COPQ data afterward to illustrate the need to be “…[Read more]

  • Patrick replied to the topic What is Span in the forum General 19 years, 5 months ago

    Mike, I think you are right; it is a “we are different” mentality.  Or perhaps it is a way to reach people who know little about (or are intimidated by) statistics…
    In their 2001 annual report, GE refers to entire business units reducing their span by 70% (looks good to a layman but doesn’t really say much to me…).

  • Patrick replied to the topic What is Span in the forum General 19 years, 5 months ago

    I agree with you but we have to be careful.  As a customer, there are costs associated with both early AND late deliveries.  They are not the same.  Early implies carrying unnecessary inventory and creating opportunities for losses and damages while late invariably implies impact to production…..

  • That’s interesting, Mike.  I may conduct a Gage R&R to see the results of the selection (by management) versus the evaluation (by the team).  However, I still want to attribute a sigma value to the ranking process itself so that I can determine whether or not this evaluation is any better than the “unstructured” way projects were selected in the p…[Read more]

  • Patrick replied to the topic What is Span in the forum General 19 years, 5 months ago

    From what I’ve gathered over the last little while, span is a metric that is used to measure the ability to meet customer expectations.  You could look at it as range or variance, if you wish.  GE refers to span in their annual report ever since they have become more customer focussed.  For example, if you are to deliver a product on day x, you…[Read more]

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