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    I am a mechanical engineer and MR for maintaining QMS system and also Food safety system along with SIx sigma.
    I have made a wonder ful model to explain and train how QMS helps and qhat is QMS and what exactly QS does to an organisation and how does it grow?
    I need some of the good people out side India and inside India to  join me for…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    For Final QA of PCB assembly station, there could be more than one CTQ to be either tested or checked. Please do not combine every parameter in to one basket / method. Seggrigate the visual parameters like soldering quality, dust, aethetics, , fitment etc & follow attribute sampling. Select the most iportant CTQ either for the next station or…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    Yes, It is very much possible to reduce price using DFSS. In my experience, 80 % of the product cost is fixed during the design stage itself. Thats the huge opportunity for us to look at it & design the product at a target selling price. The tools I could recomend is first QFD & followed by systematic DFMEA.
    Raghavendra. Mirji