• Speaking of Pl, nect time use a capital L…I thought someone was dissing PI for awhile.  Noone messes with PI!

  • Hi Stan,
    Yes, to Measure or Yes to Analyze? Which one?

  • SSS replied to the topic Black Belt Evaluation Form in the forum General 17 years ago

    Dave,Before you go crazy finding an evaluation form for your BB’s, please
    answer the following questions:
    1) Is Leadership Development a goal within your Six Sigma
    program? If so, then rather than creating a 360 degree evaluation
    form, you need to create a competency model for BB’s & an
    assessment tool. Use the tool to measure the BB…[Read more]

  • SSS replied to the topic Diminishing Returns ? in the forum General 17 years, 3 months ago

    Hi newbie,
    I thought I would try my hand at answering a couple of your questions. 
    My MBB told me that a process running at 4 sigma or above is ‘acceptable’. This is only a real general rule-of-thumb, as it is going to depend on the product or market.  I’m sure for many situations, improving beyond 4 sigma may not calculate out positively as f…[Read more]

  • Wow, that is a really broad question.  I know we have some real Six Sigma gurus here, but I’m not sure even statman or stan will be able to list all the companies that have adopted 6s. If you were after an approximate % of companies that have adopted the philosophy, maybe someone could give you that number.

  • Hi MBB facts, thanks for the reply.
    All purchasing, inventory management and customer service functions are performed in the same plant. The company has no other divisions or plants.
    I have to admit that my knowledge and experience is all to do with manufacturing- what kind of supply chain/customer service projects would you suggest…[Read more]

  • My thinking as of late has been a long with what you say.  The other 50% of my time (im a GB) is spent organising, leading and collecting data for quality circles (a form of Kaizen).  This works well and is yielding good results. 
    The company is committed to a Six Sigma program, as am I, but I feel that the nature of our business severly li…[Read more]

  • First, as far as my understanding of Six Sigma:
    The philosophy started in Motorola AS a means of reducing defects.  The whole name comes from aiming for 3.4 DPMO.  However, this is not my view on Six Sigma.  The buzz term ‘Lean Six Sigma’ is far closer to how I view it’s application- reduction of waste, whatever the source.  I don’t know why it…[Read more]

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    Thank you all for your answers. I’ll definitely share your answers with the other Black Belts & eventually with our Deployment Champion. We don’t know him well, so it’s hard to provide him with feedback.
    Thank You :)

  • Think of Six Sigma Success as the Y of an equation = function of X’s.
    Success Factors are: X1 = Right Black Belts; X2 = Right Projects; X3 Right Support.
    Right Black Belts = Leadership 70% combined with Analytical 30%. The biggest mistake companies make is to hire Black Belts w/out leadership abilities…
    Righ Projects = Well-defined projects…[Read more]

  • Just to add to everyone else’s point of view… Would you give a driver’s licence to someone who has passed a “theoretical” driving test, but has NEVER drove a car?  Same principle applies to Six Sigma FORTUNATELY! 
    People can attend training for learning purposes only. If you don’t work on a project you won’t acquire 50% of the “practical” know…[Read more]

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    John, what do you mean with Risk Assessment? Pls provide me with an example so that I understand this product & your question.
    Thank You

  • SSS replied to the topic Incentives being a BB in the forum General 17 years, 9 months ago

    A Black Belt can represent a career advancement tool for you or a career in Six Sigma. As Black Belt, I suffered tremendously because my company did not have the required infrastructure to deploy Six Sigma. On the other hand, as Black Belt I gained so much knowledge and a new way of thinking which have helped me in my career. Despite my…[Read more]

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    The best source of information (honest, straightforwrad, candid and accurate) comes from Six Sigma pasionate deployment leaders who have learned six Sigma the hard way and STILL love Six Sigma.  I don’t think you will find qualify information on Six Sigma careers in a book or website. My recommendation is to contact well-known Six Sigma l…[Read more]

  • Hi Indresh.
    Sure, pls e-mail me at [email protected]. Look forward to speaking with you.
    Best of luck,

  • Dear Indresh,
    Not sure I understand your question correctly. Here are my two cents, however assuming that you want to link the perfomance metric to its process.
    1) map out the process, identify performance measures throughout the process, DPMO’s, sigma levels and TPY %. e.g. map out the hiring process.
    2) Identify the primary metric of the…[Read more]

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    Dear Krishna,
    I’ve experienced exactly the same situation in my previous company. It’s a very frustrating situation when you want to take action based on the feedback you get from your customers… but you can’t.
    There are VOC methodologies and systems that convert fuzzy data into actionable data. Please e-mail me at [email protected]. I’ll he…[Read more]

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    Dear RJ,
    My experience deploying Six Sigma as deployment leader (for two companies) varies significantly in terms of the ROI. One company returned the entire deployment cost the first year. The second needed two years to return the initial investment. Here’re my two cents:
    First, if your projects are well-defined (or half solved), then your…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    The “go ahead, fix it” approach is the result of 1) the lack of understanding from senior leaders of root cause analysis and process control; and 2) the ability of the Black Belt and Master Black Belt to tailor the methodology (select & use the right statistical tools) to complete the project and apply the right change management/leadership a…[Read more]

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    Hi Ravi,
    A defect is anything that does not meet customers’ requirements. Your two questions are basically the same because quality norms are set by the customer’s requirements (or customer’s end, as you call it). 

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