• Dear Mark.
    If you are in control of project definition/scope and selection (prioritization criteria based on economic profit and customer experience) rather than accepting projects from business units across the organization, then the resource allocation (team member availability) and promotion questions could be answered. The key driver is be…[Read more]

  • Hi Kelly,
    I agree with other forum members that Six Sigma certification will not help you find a job. However, Six Sigma will greatly enhance your ability to think, process information, ask the right questions based on data and science and understand critical performance issues and profit/customer drivers in a company. Moreover, Six Sigma will h…[Read more]

  • SSS replied to the topic Customer focus with LEAN in the forum General 18 years, 10 months ago

    In order to get your people interested in your customers, my recommendation to you would be to quantify the financial impact associated with the lack of VOC approach or with projects that do not enhance the Customer Experience. Unfortunately, in order to do so, you need to identify the CTC’s and work with your Finance department to validate…[Read more]

  • Kate,You have presented three questions: 1) when do you stop a project? 2) Is your project a good “training project”? 3) Is the financial impact of your project affecting the completion date (and/or should you take your project to completion knowing that it drives little financial benefit?)Here are my two cents:1) You can stop a “training” pr…[Read more]

  • George,
    Congrats on your thesis. I’d love to talk to you. Pls provide me with your contact info.

  • There have been many discussion topics in iSixSigma about the why, how, when of Six Sigma as they related to cultural change. The problem I have experienced is that the search engines for the forum are not well defined. Unfortunately, priceless information is lost without a record. Not sure if iSixSigma is aware of this issue. However, the…[Read more]

  • SSS replied to the topic Where will I get the time in the forum General 18 years, 10 months ago

    Following on Mike’s & Owen’s input, here’re my 2 cents:
    1) A simple way to insure GB’s take the time to work on projects is to establish a Project Pipeline Strategy that is first and foremost prioritized based on the CTQ’s & CTC’s and/or a prioritization criteria that is approved by senior management (revenue generation, customer experience, b…[Read more]

  • Below are the steps I would take in order to implement Six Sigma:
    1) Operational + Cultural Assessment to answer the following questions: Why Six SIgma? Why now? Are we ready in terms of the data, measurement systems, voice of the customer infrastructure, senior leader support? What has been the quality infrastructure or history of process…[Read more]

  • Statman, that’s a good question. Here’re my 2 cents.
    Because in financial institutions everyone is a VP. Usually, a recent MBA graduate with no more than 5 years of experience who’s rotating among different areas and has little to no quality background or Six Sigma expertise receives the title of VP.  Usually, these VP’s do not have lea…[Read more]

  • SSS replied to the topic Re-engineering Six Sigma in the forum General 18 years, 11 months ago

    Thanks BP1.
    I will post the question again:
    What has been the experience (best practices and lessons learned) from Six Sigma Deployment Champions or VP’s of Six Sigma trying to deploy Six Sigma in a company/organization that is/has been mainy driven by “re-engineering efforts”? 
    How can we work together “effectively” with the Re-engineering…[Read more]

  • Tony, pls send me the cartoon. Many thanks.

  • I’d like to thank all of you for your contribution to this
    discussion topic. I will try to summarize your opinions and
    contributions.Thank You

  • I don’t think you can use the same criteria to evaluate both
    company and project performance. Below are my
    recommendations in terms of project performance:Project is a function of: cycle time, financial and/or customer
    impact, bottom line impact, cost and allocation/utilization of
    resources and frustration level of team members to mention…[Read more]

  • SSS replied to the topic 6 sigma buy-in in the forum General 18 years, 12 months ago

    Adding to JEAP’s solution (financial benefit of the project
    measured in hard savings), I think you can also tell everyone
    at your company the following:1) With Six Sigma we found the magnitud of the problem
    measured in DPMO’s and sigma levels… which now we can
    measured against the industry standard and or against the
    CTC’s/CTQ’s.…[Read more]

  • If Education, then I may have an expert for you. Pls let me
    know if you’re talking about non-for profit and non-
    government organizations.

  • I agree with a combination of Lean and Six Sigma. However,
    pls make sure you take into consideration the pro’s and con’s
    of both methodologies. For Lean, pls be advised that the voice
    of the customer, sustainability and variation reduction have
    not been input into the equation. For Six Sigma, pls consider
    that the project may take longer…[Read more]

  • SSS replied to the topic Efficiency in the forum General 18 years, 12 months ago

    You’re describing the E2E (End-to-End) approach. The best
    way to measure efficiency is to 1) undestand/validate the
    primary, business and financial metrics of this E2E process; 2)
    map out the E2E process; 3) identify key failure points
    throughout the process taken into consideration all the CTC’s
    and CTQ’s; 4) identify all the non-value[Read more]

  • 1.1MM with the following criteria:
    small (less than 1000 employees)
    salaries of BB’s are factored into the cost
    100K for Black Belt training up to 10 BB’s
    One Deployment Champ and one MBB. Their salaries are also
    factored into the equation
    iGrafx, Minitab and a virtual coach software for 10 BB’s.
    One soft skill training for 70 people
    One…[Read more]

  • SSS replied to the topic Lack of Six Sigma Strategy? in the forum General 19 years ago

    This is very helpful. Thank You. It’s so nice to know that there are successful companies out there that have managed the lack of few X’s and remained successful. Like someone said.. It’s not one, but the combination of all these variables that contributes to the success/failure of Six Sigma. When I was a Black Belt, I went to training with…[Read more]

  • SSS replied to the topic Lack of Six Sigma Strategy? in the forum General 19 years ago

    Dr. Purohit,
    Thank you for your contribution. I understand your philosophical point of view and agree completely with it. However, strategy is direction. And direction is required in order to create a successful and less painful Six Sigma journey. Think of you as Arquitect of your own new house. Wouldn’t you work on every single detail before y[Read more]

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