Service Quality


  • Manjit,
    The Japanese is probably internally rolling around about all the heavy-duty “Western” rational thinking about something that is quite intuitive and in his world doesn’t need a lot of semantic explanations, explications, implications and non-referential discursive thinking … Not sure what you mean by POM, but I have spent quite some t…[Read more]

  • Ex-SME, your question is a type three type of error: it’s the wrong question. It is totally irrelevant today who “fathered the child”. The key question is “Where is this child going” and “How will it survive and grow to the next level”. Obsession with history, unless used to bring about current change, has always been a sign of decline be it in an…[Read more]

  • Manjit, You are really dealing with three issues:
    1. Product quality: This is where the “classical” defect definition comes from which are derived from customer driven engineering specifications and a pass/fail of the requirements. The costs associated with these defects are the cost of quality indicatores developed by Juran.
    2. Process…[Read more]

  • GrayR, a refreshingly unideological post, that is supported by well-informed experience with the subject-matter.
    The real issue that needs to be addressed by (hopefully) the next generation of six sigma (or its replacement) is the question of how to define and deal with defects when process input, throughput and process output are not separated,…[Read more]