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    I agree with Stan.
    If I used such words to my operational management team they would tell me to leave.
    I wouldn’t call the words stupid, just inappropriate for most English speaking businesses!
    I also realise that this wasn’t the point of your original post, but thought I’d write something anyway.

  • Outlier,
    I didn’t ask for your opinion on me, I would hope that as part of this forum I could get some advice, not be told that you feel I should know this.
    I am a BB, and yes, I do know which control chart to use for discreet defective data. I’m not using Financial Services as an excuse, it was just a passing comment.
    I do appreciate however…[Read more]

  • Thanks,
    I work in Financial Services, not manufacturing, and we are measuring First Call Resolution. Either the call is resolved, or it isn’t – this is measured on a system with a marker to say if the customer query has been resolved on that call or not. There are 3 markers, ‘A’ and ‘R’ represent a resolution and ‘I’ represents a call no resolved…[Read more]

  •  This is a very high level overview of what the role of a BB in my organisation can be summed up as. Obviously each industry and organisation will differ, and of course the job spec is far more detailed!

    100% dedicated to managing Six Sigma projects / topics

    §Technical expert on the Six Sigma methodology

    §Provides detailed advice and…[Read more]

  • Chris,
    I guess your choice is to hire consultants to train your existing employee base and try and have them implement it at the site, or alternatively hire a Six Sigma certified person to join your workforce.
    Having experience of both, I would recommend hiring one Black Belt (experienced Lean Six Sigma practitioner) who will be on site f…[Read more]

  • Agree. I’ve successfully launched an image processing-automated vision system that is capable of distinguishing variation in colors (grayscale or colored images) and dimensions (XYZ axes); it detects missing or excess parts; can read a barcode or decode words, letter or any special character in a fraction of a second.

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    Yea- you can hand it out but you can’t take it!
    Now you can go ahead and create another clone and come to your own defense!

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    There you go again. I disagree with you and you resort to bashing me.
    What don’t you understand about a visitor to this forum wanting to hear more from people like Philip?
    Just because something is in a book, doesn’t mean it’s correct. Just because everyone accepts it’s correct, doesn’t mean it’s correct. What’s wrong with a different point of…[Read more]

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    I am not Philip .. and you can’t take someone else being blunt! You can only hand it out!

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    On the surface you seem a reasonable guy, but you seem to enjoy being blunt.

    Some people would find this offensive, especially when they have a wife and children to feed.
    You  told Philip he wrote nonesense.
    He’s trying to open people’s mind and teach them how to think. If you haven’t learnt anything that is your loss. As someone wh…[Read more]

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    You’re quick to complain when you think others bash you, but you’ve got no problem bashing others. Is this why you hide behind a multiple aliases?
    If you’ve got a problem with Philips argument – provide a counter argument – don’t just bash him like you bashed the other poster this morning.

  • 5.15 is the constant used in the P/T ratio formula.  5.15 is an industry standard for 99% of MS variation.  Minitab suses 6 sigma as default.  Six standard deviations account for 99.73% of MS variation.

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    You can use SPC for small runs also ,but more important is to measure the process capability of your process on a batch to bach basis, & taking corrective actions to improve the process capability.

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    Thanks Robert,
    Just want to clarifiy that the data is the average handling time of a single person for a month in a shift.

  • I have a contact for you.  email me at and I’ll pass the info along. 

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    To Ken’s point, in Minitab you can choose whether to use the pooled standard deviation or the R-bar for establishing control limits.  For an x-bar and r chart, click on x-bar, r chart options then the estimates tab.  You’ll see that you can choose which method should be used for estimating the standard deviation (and thus the +/- 3 sigma control l…[Read more]

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    If you have Minitab, try Stat > Quality Tools > Individual Distribution Identification.  In the output, look for distributions with a p-value greater than .05 (assuming a 95% confidence level) and choose the one with the smallest Anderson-Darling (A-D) Statistic.  If none of  them fit, you may want to break your data down into smaller “chunks”, be…[Read more]

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    Southwestern College Professional Studies in Wichita Kansas will soon offer Greenbelt I and Greenbelt II courses online.  Taught by seasoned instructors, first courses teaches methods, second course teaches stats.  These are prep courses for ASQ Blackbelt Certification.  Contact me for more information.

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    Sigma singh,
    Thanks for your input.  Can you explain in more detail your point #1.

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    Marta, could possibly help with setting up a reliabilty test and evaluation plan for low voltage DC motors.

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