• Thank you very much Adam, and now I try to follow your suggestionThomas

  • Hi all,
    I’m a student and I start with my thesis on “leanSixSigma first then digitize”, can you help me? Could you send to me some papers, .pdf or [email protected]

  • Thom replied to the topic KAPPA Stat in the forum General 19 years, 5 months ago

    If you have any questions while using Minitab, a really useful tool is the StatGuide.  With the cursor positioned in the Minitab output (graph or Session Window), click on the icon that is on the toolbar.  Should be just to the right of the question mark icon.  The icon looks like 3 stacked books, with the first book having a cap sigma.
    In th…[Read more]

  • Books that I have found useful for Six Sigma:
    Implementing Six Sigma, Breyfogle: good for the tools within the Six Sigma methodology.  Not so good for the infrastructure.  Thus, great reference for Black Belts, not so good for the Champions/Senior Managers
    The Six Sigma Way, Pande: good for infrastructure and simple summaries of the tools.  Go…[Read more]

  • Howdy TomF,
    Great reply!  Nice illustration of practical versus statistical significance
    For the Lotto example, the practical significance is readily apparent: if you use the exact distribution (hypergeometric), you will find that there is a 1 in 25,827,165 chance of winning the lottery.
    If you used the approximation (binomial), you will f…[Read more]

  • Hi Dave Strouse,
    Wow!  A voice from the not so distant past…
    I have a nice illustration for the 10% rule of thumb (sample size is less than 10% of the lot size) that I use when I teach this stuff…
    Calculate the probability of winning the Texas Lottery using the hypergeometric and then calculate using the binomial.  The Texas Lotto has 54…[Read more]

  • Thom replied to the topic Training material!! in the forum General 20 years, 8 months ago

    Great point, Trigger.  The slide show just gives you screen shots and bullets (no pun intended with the name Trigger), and it makes it rather difficult to gain any value as a reference.
    One other scary thing about this, particularly for the in-house trainers: you get a lot of variability in the training with different instructors, particularly…[Read more]

  • Thom replied to the topic No Support in the forum General 20 years, 9 months ago

    From what Joe has detailed, it appears that his organization may not be ‘ready’ for a Six Sigma methodology.  The consultants will provide some general prerequisites (not their really their fault — they are delivering to a broad base).  Some capture this as the series of the RIGHTS: the RIGHT Measures, the RIGHT Projects, the RIGHT methodology, a…[Read more]

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    It looks like Terry has opened up a discussion that should generate a lot of activity.  I am also very interested in getting some semblance of standardization for the MBB.
    The Six Sigma methodology has been gradually evovling towards becoming a profession.  One of the nice things about professions are that roles and responsibilities are clearly a…[Read more]

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    Hi Ken,
    First, I would like to thank you for the reply.  In fact, there should be a blanket thanks issued from the iSixSigma community.
    I am very interested in your Storyboard.  If you can send it to me, that would be great.  My e-mail is [email protected].
    Thanks again!

  • Thom replied to the topic Test for Equal Mean in the forum General 20 years, 11 months ago

    Ken is absolutely correct.  If you used paired comparisons for all possible comparisons, you really hurt yourself for your Type I error rate.  Use ANOVA, but be cognizant of the assumptions.  If these do not pan out, consider the nonparametric alternatives (like Kruskall-Wallace).
    Now, some folks struggle with the results from the ANOVA.  Oka…[Read more]