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  • I agree with newbie.
    However some open ended questions could be:
    Exactly what is the customer looking for?
    What does the customer need?
    What would the customer like to have?
    When does the customer want the item/service?
    What is the customer willing to pay for?
    These are very high level and general but I believe that is what you were asking…[Read more]

  • In our company, the first two responses are correct.  I’m a BB and am fully dedicated for the running of our projects.  I work with other plants, R&D and Marketing.  I have a few more tools than our GBs but my understanding is a little deeper because I use them more often.  Our GBs and YBs only work on a couple of projects a year and about 20%…[Read more]

  • Zak Roy Yoballa replied to the topic DPMO in the forum General 13 years, 2 months ago

    I think that the DPMO calc would be great for your situation because you deal with such small and special orders.  At the plant I work at, we produce approx 85,000 cases a day where one or two mistakes doesn’t even make a ripple.  In your case of 10 items, if you have to rework 1, that’s huge!  I would imagine that your profit margins would re…[Read more]