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    I believe these might help. That will be $10 for the 2 min Google search,…[Read more]

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    I work in the medical device industry, but we have similar standards for audits. As we have many segregated work areas, we can’t afford to have a PC station for each operator. Instead we issue controlled SOP’s. These are SOP’s that are stamped by QA and numbered. Each copy is tracked in a database so we know the exact qty on the…[Read more]

  • @Andy-Parr Thanks, that’s a great example. I have not heard about that effort in Indycar racing so I’ll be interested in reading more about it.

    I think I was more so surprised that perhaps through internal process improvement, Rawlings unknowingly caused a large shift in the output of their customer (MLB).

    From the article, it appears the specs…[Read more]

  • Hello All,

    A couple months ago, as the MLB season was underway, I read an article on a sports stat blog that tried to show that the correlation in increased homerun rate was due to small changes in the baseball itslef. See link below:

    Baseballs Are More Consistently Juiced Than Ever

    Along with small changes…[Read more]

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