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    is it that hard for someone to click the “close window” button on the banner, it took me less than a second. I like the flashy banners, it reminds me of las vegas.

  • Thanks Ed, the claims handlers cover the claim end-to-end. So its about ensuring they do it right first time I think. Looking to see how to ensure this happens

  • You and your management need to determine what numbers you are really after. Suppliers will incorporate inspection activities to raise the quality of product sent to a customer. This is altering statistical data. Would your company rather have pure data or altered data with fewer supplier defects? If real data is what you want, work out a plan…[Read more]

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    As you will see, 6 Sigma involves dealing with many constraints and misdirections. However, you must not give up.
    Six Sigma and belt training involves many very complicated and technical issues. It is important to get the very best training possible. Universities and Junior Colleges may offer this training. Corporations of various…[Read more]

  • I have not seen the diagram to which you refer.
    PPM and Cp…
    A production process variable is measured and its data samples are represented by a bell curve (for a normal distribution). The PPM would be determined from the position (aim) of that bell curve: the portion of the process distribution (bell curve) that falls outside the spec limit.…[Read more]

  • Remember, a customer may be a downstream process that MUST have controlled input.
    As stated by others, the calculations for these limits are pretty simple and are in many texts. You should see this in 6 Sigma training.
    In consideration of real life situations, let me suggest that you look at the inputs that cause the wait time and spend your…[Read more]

  • A BB wants his projects to be supported, to run smoothly, and to make a difference. Why would that not happen?
    1. A Sponsor is required and the organization needs to agree that the project is important and will be supported. One way that we accomplished a large portion of this is a Sponsor worksheet. The sponsor must identify where the…[Read more]

  • Yes, you are right. Keep in mind that Cp has nothing to do with the aim of the process – that would be Cpk.

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    Could someone send me the card drop game please?

  • melvin replied to the topic Card drop game in the forum Finance 10 years, 9 months ago

    Can someone please send me the Card Drop Game as well?

  • Thanks for everyone’s replies, I final interviewed yesterday and will know result by end of week. Seem the main factors in heatlhcare are patient safety, confidentiality, excellence in medical practice and patient doctor trust. Also that doctor’s views and gaining trust are critical to gain buy-in.

  • Afraid Forest does not go into the CI for exponential distributions. Here is the link to a worked example on google books, not worked through the maths, might…[Read more]

  • I bought this book for the ASQ exam. Save your money, its the worst six-sigma book I own, doesn’t help!

  • So to make sure I understand the question.
    1. You are looking to find the sample size you need to give you a confidence interval for the population mean based on your chosen alpha/beta values?
    2. What you want is the equation for exponential distributions so you can experiment a bit with the values before you actually draw your sample?
    If so,…[Read more]

  • Couldn’t you use bootstrapping and draw a large number of secondary samples from your original sample to build the CLT distribution and hence get the mean and confidence interval?

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    The first thing you need to do is figure out your cross price elasticity of demand for the three types of concrete.  Once you have that information, you should use Avogadro’s number to compute your Z score which will provide you with the coefficient of static (or is it rolling?) friction.  Take the arccotangent of that coefficient and divide by t…[Read more]

  • Since there are only three sample sets that are normal, you might also do a paired comparison t-test with unequal variances to determine if any of the paired means are different.  The degrees of freedom calculation by hand is a bear but most software packages handle that for you.  Hope this helps.

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    Try formatting the data like this:
    subject response
    1             x
    1             x
    2             x
    And, yes in all hypothesis testing sample size impacts the results.
    Regarding help, I can provide you with consulting services – but we should discuss this outside of this forum. If you are interested in discussing this you can contact…[Read more]

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    Does this data represent two measurements per subject? If yes, then the issue may be how the data is formatted for analysis. What software package are you using?

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    I believe that the difference is in the way sigma is calculated.  Cpk uses sigma estimate based on Rbar/d2 for control chart.    Ppk uses all the individual data to calculate sigma using the standard formula for sigma.  After that difference, the calculation of both is the same.  Hope that helps a little. 

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