• @mike-carnell   –    Is it your in-law relative that is founder of IASSC  that sued Peter you just boosted up moments ago???

    Peter Peterka’s Global Six Sigma USA ( Exposed: A Case Study on Deceptive Training Providers & Fake Reviews 8 months, 3 weeks ago

  • All these dang wankers and self conjured experts of 6 sigma… junk car salesman, Shoe salesmans, Bud Bundys (not good enough to be Al Bundy)….LOL

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  • Well it is about time you answered the post. where have you been for so such a long time?

    I ruffled your feathers with your terse attitude enough that you are researching who I am?  Now that is comical.

    My intent was not to ruffle feathers though, but to let you know your attitude is poor. Your supposed to be setting an example for the…[Read more]

  • @conmech

    I assume you achieved your certification by now.
    In private, if you wish, I would appreciate your perspective on whom you chose…
    Some subtle hints in your post indicate an experience requirement.

    I can understand your frustration of having soap opera content on what I though was and is a technical professional board.

    However, as I…[Read more]

  • observations for @Mike-Carnell and @csetter and fu pa for all .

    Mike.  I will take your tact. I will say upfront and say I am not in the 6 sigma business model for professionals.
    I also will say you talk in circles. And at times seem condescending. This is constructive criticism, because a lot of what you share and write is of value for the…[Read more]