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  • Hi @Ahiru-san.

    I work with some industries that show similar problems like you pointed. What We have been doing when we cannot get the problem narrowed is take a step back and using tools from Data Science like Cluster Analysis to try come up with problem or sintoms patterns and after that, go on with the analysis.

    In that case if you look at…[Read more]

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  • Just answering your questions….
    In my opinion, my days as GB and BB were quite equal, the difference was that the scope of the projects since as a GB I was being prepared to assume the BB position. so it shouldn’t have a big differences.
    As a Quality professional it was a natural way for transition, I started as a Quality Engineer and end up…[Read more]

  • I have some friends who have experienced Moresteam course, They had demands just like yours….. Based on their judgment the requirements were fulfilled.

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  • Hi there! I strongly interesting your thoughts, I have not used such tool on y projects, but for sure I will try!


  • I am sorry! I wouldn’t do that this way!

    Perform the tests according AIAG Manual!

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  • Hi Rosalia. As it is your first Problem Statement you can start simple and improving it as you get experienced.

    As you review this statement remember the following format of what needs to be in a Business Case: WHAT is wrong, WHERE and WHEN is it occurring, what is the BASELINE magnitude at which it is occurring and what is it COSTING me?

    You…[Read more]

  • I would suggest you the Change Management before Lean implementation, the leadership needs to accept and support changes or it will not happen. After that you must sell the long term benefits of it (of course showing some quick gains to avoid loose the momentum) take care of firing people, it will drain all the power of the Lean initiatives,…[Read more]

  • Hi my friend! I wish you are great. I am with all above. Since you have the IPO (Input, Process and Output) Yes, you can use Six Sigma.

    DMAIC is a path you make use to put the tools you will need in order to achieve the desired results. (elevator speech) as well as PDCA is a way to do things everywhere, once it stands for Plan before take…[Read more]

  • Hi @rche87 About appropriate Sample Size, it is a topic that will take a considering amount of time to explain the concepts behind it. The right answer in this case for you is “depend”.

    What do you wanna know?
    What tool will you use?
    What kind of data does the tool require?
    How will you collect data?
    and How confident are you with your data…[Read more]

  • Hello @straydog. I don’t know if the history behind the “fishbone” is really true but when I learnt it in past, it was told me that the purpose behind the fishbone was that Mr. Ishikawa needed one thing that should be easily understood by the audience instead talking about difficult stuffs.

    This history makes sense to me……. but sometimes I…[Read more]

  • There is no agreement or standartized Bok for GBs and BB yet, but you can have a look at ASQ, IASSC, GE, Motorola or ISSSP Bodies of Knowledge to compare each of them and thenceforth choose the training provider that best fits for your needs, I suppose that these are good sources of information about the Methodology.

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  • You’re absolutely wright! The purpose of any organization existence is satisfy its customers! Not often we pick the wrong measurement and really rely on this numbers as the real level of customer satisfaction, leaving behind the untold customer’s desires and expectations.

    In my opinion KANO Model and QFD can be useful to translate VOC in KPOVs…[Read more]

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