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    Hi Bhagya,
    It depends on the PCS.Process Control system. The PCS which you will be coming if it is robust enough then you will be able prevent. But where ever human biengs are involved always there is a tendency of variations to happen. Hence preventive but if it is not a fool proof then we will go ahead with corrective since we are not sure…[Read more]

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    Hi Jasper,
    Firstly you need to complete the SIPOC in define phase and then identify the input indicators and out put indicators but these may not be an exhaustive ones. In the measure phase initially you will visit these indicators and do a root cause analysis and then identify the real root causes and then will come and update the i/p indicator…[Read more]

  • Hi BER,
    Anything which results in defect is to be considered as a defect. Here in your ex. I can see you have listed broady 4 items.. 1)Name (11characters), 2) Location (8 chars), 3) city (10chars) 4) Telephone (7numbs/chars). Here this in total account for one entry right.. so if any of the char/num.. entered is wrong then it is classified as…[Read more]

  • Hi Nina,
    Well you can use DOE to optimize the smooth functioning of shock absorbers. For ex.. if Helical spring is a critical component of an shock absorber. You can optimize the dimensions of the Helical spring based on response. For example if your out put is Displacement and the measurable parameters in Helical spring is 1) dia of spring 2)…[Read more]

  • Typically before getting into VSM the following procedure/steps are followed.i) SIPOC/COPIS ii) High level Process Map iii) Low level or a Detailed process map (this includes subgroups & events/tasks within the identified subgroups) iv) FDM(Functional deployment map) which captures the owner of each task defined in High level process map and the…[Read more]

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    Hi Izzy,
    Well six sigma is nothing but a measure of variations. Let me take through a real time practical example to make you understand, wherever human biengs are involved obviously there exists variations. Now if we wish to measure how much is the variation from the mean(centerline ie. expected/target) is measured in terms of Standard…[Read more]

  • Paul,
    Good to hear that use of 6sigma for sales. Well we should be sure that when we apply 6sigma for sales forcast due to dynamic variations based on the duration of data collection for analysis the sigma value will be predicted and always there will be a shift of 1.5 sigma from short term sigma to long term sigma value. ie.. ex..let us say u…[Read more]

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    Well if you look at the SDLC cycle we have different phases and the customer reported reports which you are talking these are your CRD(customer reported defect). These CRD’s are defect which were not detected in each phase of defect tracking (ex. peer review, system testing, UAT testing etc..) Now we know and understand that if the defects…[Read more]

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    Well u work for data based BPO of Data + Voice based BPO.. I have experience in Data related and not much on voice related.

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    Business models are used to achieve business excellence based on industry benchmark. Where as six sigma is purely based on current status and improving based on voc/vob or ctp/ctq/ctd.

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    White Belt is a much more lower than yellow belt training curiculum could be an overview of six sigma not in detail as compared to yellow belt. The hierarchy of six sigma belt followed by certain organisations are as follows. WB>YB>GB>BB>MBB..
    Hope this info..helps..

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    Kindly note that Ver 1.2 has been released.

  • gvrk replied to the topic AR Process in the forum Finance 16 years, 5 months ago

    Well there are various possible opportunities to improve Accounts Receivable process not clear what are you looking for? It would be gr8 if u can elaborate on what you are looking for.

  • Sunny,
    Before starting on a project first of all you need to identify that whether you have the Big Y (business problamatic/pain area) if in your business the customer complaints are the big Y and you wish to reduce the same. Then you need identify the different X’s causing this Y. Or else you can also drill down to different Y1,Y2,Y3 and then l…[Read more]

  • Jon,
    Firstly you may have to interact with your customers and identify the VOC and where all they are facing problems. These problems are your pain areas first of all you need to improve upon first to sustain your current customers and parallely you can capture VOB. Based on your type business and market trends affecting your business should be…[Read more]

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    Well based on the % of variation observed during Guage R&R study. The limiting criteria are
    1) <10% measurement system is acceptable.
    2) 10% to 30% based on the experience a call need to be taken whether the measurment system should be acceptable or rejected.
    3) >30% reject measurement system.
    Apart from % of variation, we have % of tolerence…[Read more]

  • Yes,
    If your data is Y= Discrete and X= Discrete then you can use Chi-Square test.

  • gvrk replied to the topic Analysis Help! in the forum General 16 years, 11 months ago

    Yes you can use the Hypothesis testing to arrive the same and you need to take account of Alpha(Type-I) error ie. Ha when Ho is correct or Beta(Type-II) error accepting Ho when Ha is correct.

  • gvrk replied to the topic Sensitivity ANalysis in the forum General 16 years, 11 months ago

    Hi Roe,
    Sensitivity analysis is done normally to understand the design is safe or not in designing environment and in services also now a days sensitivity analysis is used.
    Well here is an example.. Let us say there about 5 factors affecting for some response. Let me take an service example of hotel industrly.
    factor1 = Morning alarm…[Read more]

  • Hi Dennis,
    Industry is doing fine.. If we take 1 factor and solve by the time we complete the Analaysis and arrive at a solution the precious time might have gone. Hence to optimize the time and to check the interaction’s of different factor’s on the response DOE is used. Traditional analysis is a cumbersome activity.
    Hope this gives an insight…[Read more]

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