• Okay, thanks for your help. What I have been doing is using the coefficant of correlation on the list of numbers and depending on the level of correlation I will use either the coefficient of determination or coefficant of variance to determine consistency. Thanks again for your help and have a great day. 2 years ago

  • No, you’re absolutely right. My problem was that I’m looking for some metric that  shows the level of consistency if some historical trend line. I have been using CV and CD but CV by itself doesn’t look for a trend, just the consistency, while CD doesn’t seem to be able to measure a stable trend line. I wanted to know what would be the best met…[Read more]

  • Thanks for answering, and I get what you’re saying. The things is that I am trying to predict if the future of a metric will behave similar to current affairs, and I wanted to use the consistency of some metric as the signal if it would. I was looking for some current affairs metric that can tell me if something like the historical average g…[Read more]

  • Does anyone know what the best measure of variation/consistency is when trying to predict the metric into the future? For example, if I’m looking at the variation of growth in something of the variation of a certain stable percentage, what should I use? There are so many but I don’t fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one…[Read more]