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  • Hello all,
    I am struggling to determine how to calculate our rolled throughput yield in our continuous chemical manufacturing process. We do not really have discrete steps to measure defects. Everything is also buffered and blended at several stages in the process so we lose the details on results per stage.

    Can we still use RTY or does final…[Read more]

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  • Mike Carnell, do you know how to have an open conversation without personal attacks?

    I stand by my question. If six sigma is to be “the way things are done here” (Snee & Hoerl 2003) the question remains; is this a failure of six sigma? If six sigma cannot survive through changes in leadership it will only lead to temporary improvements just like…[Read more]

  • How are we supposed to reconcile the recent failure of GE with the successfulness of six sigma?

    I am currently reading the book Leading Six Sigma by Snee and Hoerl which talks a big talk about a six sigma organization but then I hear in the news that that same organization is getting kicked out of the Dow Jones.

    Is this a failure of…[Read more]

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