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    Great post!  Our work involves getting those closest to the work engaged in process improvement and we are working with several compaines as part of their Six Sigma Deployment.  I would be very interested in scheduling a phone meeting with you purely for benchmarking purposes. 
    Send me an email at [email protected] if you are interested.

  • Here are a few Hospitals I know of that are implmenting Six Sigma
    Mount Carmel Health System — Columbus HO
    Commonwealth Health System — Bowling Green KY
    Luther Middlefort Hospital — Eau Claire WI
    Fairview Health Systems — Minneapolis MN
    I may be able to get you in contact with folks from some of these organizations.  I don’t have direct…[Read more]

  • Bob,
    I can help as well, but difficult to describe in a short email.  email me or give me a call —  [email protected], 296 383 3400.  And in case you were wondering, no, I will not try and sell you something!

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    Here is my .02. The innovation of creating dedicated, full-time black belts is a big differentiator between Six Sigma and TQM.  TQM assumed that with a little bit of training (typically 3 days) in problem solving tools everyone in the organization would begin to incorporate problem solving and data based decision-making into their daily w…[Read more]

  • Mike,
    We have developed some models and tools for integrating Lean and Workout tools (particularly useful in transactional processes)  into Six Sigma Deployments.  Here are a couple of insights that are emerging.
    1.  Do not introduce Lean as a separate intiative.  Use DMAIC as the framework for all improvement projects.  What flexes are the…[Read more]

  • Cheryl,
    Glad you liked the “Paper Plane” exercise.  I dig up one or two more in the next week and post.
    Great idea on changing the spec to “flight time” lots of good/simple variations on this exercise are possible to illustrate different learning points.  The flight time variation would make a good one to demonstrate data gathering a…[Read more]

  • Steve,
    You’re right not a Six Sigma Project, but it is tough to “fight city hall” especially when management is feeling bottom-line pain from an existing problem.  Here is a way to get a win/win on this one.
    Step 1: Stop the Bleeding
    Meet management where they are at by getting a “quick win” on finding a solution to getting the scrapped parts…[Read more]

  • Some hopefully helpful thoughts, but perhaps a bit controversial.
    1.  Why is the organization embarking on Six Sigma?  Is it in the top 3 priorities on the CEO’s agenda — not just lip service, but a Jack Welch/Larry Bossidy type commitment?
    The answer to this question should guide the development of your RFP and selection of potential v…[Read more]

  • Mark,
    Here is a very simple but effective icebreaker for demonstrating the importance of effective process design:
    Paper Plane Exercise: 10 – 15 minutes
    1. Distribute an 8.5×11 sheet of paper to each participant and ask them to write their name on it.
    2. Give them 1 minute to make a paper airplane with the objective of making a plane that…[Read more]

  •  Carrie,
    Based on our experience with more than 4000 project teams.  We have found that you can more reliably increase the success rate of team leaders not by looking for a particular personality profile, but by developing a more robust, reliable process for team leaders to follow to manage team dynamics and project life-cycle.
    By focusing on th…[Read more]

  • Hemanth,
    Glad you liked it.  Reason I used system is that senior management is used to investing in “systems” which might impress upon them the seriousness of Six Sigma and the need for a systematic implemenentation strategy.
    Sometimes the word “approach” can make it sound to “soft” or optional to Senior Management.

  • Hemanth,
    How about this one:
    Six Sigma is a powerful business improvement system that gives our people the time, tools and support they need to dramatically improve bottom line performance, customer satisfaction and increase our competitive advantage.
    John Tucci

  • Linda,
    Pay attention to team dynamics as you tackle this elephant.  If this is not a full time assignment for you and the team it is easy to get overwhelmed and burnt out.  Set very clear 30 – 45 day milestones for the project.  Also, you may need some long team meetings in the beginning to get traction on the project, but after that it ty…[Read more]