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  • For a simple time forecast you could use Time Series Plot:

    Stat > Time Series > Time Series Plot

    However, when you want to forecast based on Model Type (Multiplicative/Additive) and Model Components (Trend/Seasonal) it is better to use Decomposition

    Stat > Time Series > Decomposition

    Advanced level of forecasting when you want to smoothen your…[Read more]

  • Start using tools and techniques for problem solving.

    In parallel to start with, Identify and Pursue addressable opportunities for Continuous Improvement this could lead way for delivery excellence moving slowly from “Doing the Same” to “Occasional Improvements” to “Continuous Improvement” to “Innovation and Transformation”

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  • I have enclosed standard table for PPM to Cpk conversion. Hope this helps. 2 years, 3 months ago

  • Certainly, it can be used. 

    Shainin Red X, is a problem solving method that can be applied in both transaction oriented service industry and in engineering and manufacturing industries.

    Red XRoot Cause that is causing the Variation in Product or Process

    Green Y – Failure mode of the Customer

    BOB – Best of Best Sequence, Assembly or…[Read more]

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