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    I would really appreciate a copy of the card drop game if anyone can spare the time to tell me where to get it.Thanks

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    If you’re willing to share your email address and the hardcopy, I’ll send you my address by email. Thanks. My email is [email protected].

  • Just an FYI – I tried to send an email to that address and it bounced back undeliverable. So hopefully its a type or you may not be getting email people are trying to send to you.

  • I don’t this it was completely pointless. In fact I am glad you posted. I have been trying to get in touch with someone who trained in LSS because my company used to think highly of it until a new leader came in place.

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    Thanks Bob
    Yes that does help.  I’ve heard that when you have good and bad parts use Shainin.  If its more of a process flow like you mentioned or a transactional type of issue then 6s works better.  Does this type of decision tree make sense to everyone?

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    I know there are companies out there that are successfully using both tools.  We’re just trying to understand when to use each one.  For example if you’re not interested in finding all sources of variation in a process and only want to find the root cause as quickly as possible Shainin seems to make more sense.  But if you starting a new pr…[Read more]

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    We’ve hired a Shainin consultant and also use 6s tools.  We are trying to come up with a method of determining when a project should be a Shainin project or a 6s project.

  • Darth,
    I know you guys like to fool around on here, but your statement is far from the truth. I have worked with him for the last year and he is the best I have seen for teaching those who want to learn. He is completely unselfish with his time and will sacrifice his job to support those who work with him.
    That’s a tough act to follow in…[Read more]

  • The product we make is rather large and has hundreds of parts in it. Failures occur daily and each failure is usually a different part.   So there is wide vareity of components.  This is why the collection of the failed parts is important to establish trends, etc.   This process to collect these failures varies within six + different data…[Read more]

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    z = x-xbar/s
    A z score is a transformation of a data point into a unitless value of distance relative to the mean. 
    The z-score is a number of standard deviations distance from the mean.

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    Hi Arora,
    Thoroughly confused huh? It will be a good idea to speak to companies in India who went thru the process. Speak to WIPRO, Tata Quality Management Services and even Pidilite. They all have embarked on this process, some with the help of consultants and some after their core team got trained.
    Good Luck