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  • Just because we have tools that can transform data does not mean that we should use those tools to transform data and hide all the signals. I’m sure this article is well-intentioned, but it’s nonsense. Here is […]

  • Trish,
    First of all, you should recognize that the Villanova program is just a private-labeled offering from Bisk Education, it’s not really delivered by Villanova. As a customer, don’t you think they should have disclosed this relationship? And the Bisk reps are not lacking knowledge, they communicate the option of using a pretend project for…[Read more]

  • I agree completely that motivated people can learn from anywhere. The problem is that folks like Villanova are taking advantage by charging money for a certification that falls far short of common practice among credible Lean Six Sigma deployments. I can’t name a single LSS deployment that would even consider certifying a Black Belt based on 1…[Read more]

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