During difficult times like we’re facing today, some of the first things that get cut are the “non-essential” items not related to core business. Of course, the paradox here is that some items that are deemed “non-essential” are actually huge enablers to a company. Take for instance Six Sigma….definitely an enabler, but if your program is in its infancy, it may be easy for it to be placed on the chopping block.

If you fear that your program is getting the ax, an option that you can consider is tapping into a training budget. Many states (and maybe even other countries – but I’m not sure about that) offer training funding that is independent of operating budget.  You’ll have to check with your appropriate department at your company for the particular rules around this topic, but it may be a feasible option.

Be aware, you will most likely have to separate training from consulting services, but usually it’s just a matter of having your Six Sigma partner separate their quote accordingly.

You could potentially lessen the blow to your operating budget, which is absolutely sacred in our current operating environment.

Has anyone found other creative ways to finance Six Sigma activity?I’m always looking for them…;)

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