From Gauss defining the normal distribution to Galton designing his theories on correlation to Onho developing the Toyota Production system, we are proud of our rich heritage and the number & variety of sources that have come together to create the Lean Six Sigma model.

So it is encouraging to see what may be an example of the next generation of methodology. I was doing a bit of research on Business Process Management and found the BPMG web site. This covered the 8 Omega framework which included:

  • The 8-step DADVIICI approach
  • Six defined roles, and the skills and responsibilities assigned to each of these roles
  • Four dimensions (Strategy, People, Process, Systems) of organizational alignment that must be addressed to achieve excellence
  • Education, training and skill building spanning the entire 8 Omega performance model

Sounds an exciting break-through innovationand I wondered if anyone had any experience in its use?

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