A new project team forms to solve a business problem and asks the simple question, “What is the current process?” A little digging around yields a dusty old process document, but it is so out-of-date. The project team (in their element) run a brown paper process mapping to get the true current process.

Detailed analysis and design produces the new processes which are documented, delivered and rolled-out. Once trained, the teams know their roles and the process document goes into the draw to gather dust as people get on with their job.

  • Does this mean that process documentation is only a vehicle for transition from current-state to future-state?
  • How can you “bring the processes to life” in a transactional world e.g. visual controls?
  • How can you ensure processes do not become redundant but are fully embedded and updated as new working practises develop?

I am working on this at the moment and interested in hearing views on best practise and how they much they cost/time to implement.

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