OSSS License

Retail Licensing Overview

Open Source Six Sigma Retail and Single-User Licensing applies to all products that are sold through the iSixSigma website.

These products include Training Materials, Course Manuals, Ebooks and Assessments. When you purchase a product from Open Source Six Sigma, you are agreeing to the terms & condition of the OSSS Retail License or consenting to single-user use. In exchange for your purchase you are receiving a license grant from Open Source Six Sigma that permits you to use the Product (OSSS Intellectual Property) in certain ways and restricts you from using it in other ways.

Course Manuals, eBooks, Assessments, Quick Reference Guides
These copyrighted OSSS publications are Single User, Non-transferable, Individual Copies. Contact Us with questions about appropriate use.

Training Materials
Training Materials are available for sale through the iSixSigma website. They are all governed by the Open Source Six Sigma Retail License.

This Can Do, Cannot Do description is provided as an attempt to describe the Open Source Six Sigma Retail License Agreement in layman’s terms. This description is provided to assist you in understanding appropriate uses of the products available from Open Source Six Sigma. This description is provided solely as a courtesy to assist in the understanding of the OSSS Retail License yet is in no way legally binding. The Retail License is the ruling document in all regards relative to the rights granted for use of OSSS’s Covered Materials. In the event of a conflict between this description and the Retail License the terms and conditions of the Retail License shall prevail.

You CAN use the “Covered Materials” as a presentation to train a class or group.

You CAN print one copy of the “Covered Materials” for “Your” personal use. However, You CANNOT print copies of the “Covered Materials” to distribute to any other person(s) or party unless you purchase a Training Materials Self Print license (one for each printed copy distributed) from the OSSS Website.

You CAN transfer the “Covered Materials” to any of “Your” computers for “Your” use. However you CANNOT distribute or transfer (electronic or printed copies) the “Covered Materials” to another person by any means unless You purchase a license to do so. You CANNOT install, load or store the “Covered Materials” on an intranet or file‐sharing server or cloud where people without an OSSS License grant can access the “Covered Materials”.

You CAN modify, edit, change, add to or amend the “Covered Materials” to your liking so long as the term “© Open Source Six Sigma” remains in the same font size located on the left hand or right hand footer of each slide.

You CANNOT compile, render or otherwise package or assemble “Covered Materials” in any format for use as eLearning or Online Training content. Using Covered Materials or any portion thereof to conduct or make available for use as eLearning or online training is expressly prohibited without an OSSS eLearning license.

You CANNOT relicense or resell the “Covered Materials” to any other party regardless of the level of modification.

You CAN get permission through various license extensions and amendments from Open Source Six Sigma to do many of the things that you CANNOT do under this Retail license. Simply contact us, let us know how you would like to use the content and we will lead you to the correct license agreement to accomplish what you want to do.

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