Author Explains the Human Cost of Inefficient Processes


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The Lean Six Sigma Approach
Author Explains the Human Cost of Inefficient Processes…

Austin, Texas – August 6, 2004 – What do Lean Six Sigma and your health have in common? Have you ever stopped to think about the human cost of inefficient processes, lack of error proof systems, and other obstacles that could keep you or someone you know from getting the proper health care they needed? This book describes the use of Six Sigma as a methodology for pursuing continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and profit going beyond defect reduction and placing emphasis on business process improvement. Lean Six Sigma In Sickness and In Health by Forrest Breyfogle and Arvind Salvekar illustrates various aspects of the statistics based Lean Six Sigma Methodologies in a compelling, yet highly informative format.

Lean Six Sigma In Sickness and In Health brings back Wisdom on the Green hospital executive Jorge Santos. Jorge’s wife is badly injured in a car accident and now Jorge is faced with unprepared ER and broken processes that are not error proof. Jorge now must confront the obstacles that might prevent his wife from receiving proper treatment as he reflects back on the Lean Six Sigma processes at the hospital he works at across town.

Lean Six Sigma In Sickness and In Health is not intended to be an implementation guide. Rather, it seeks to explain Beyond Lean Six Sigma techniques in a thorough but entertaining and easy-to-understand way. This easy-to-digest format is perfect for executives and managers scanning for the right management initiative. This format is also useful in allaying the nervousness (and the accompanying loss of productivity) that middle and lower-level managers often experience when a new management initiative is introduced. Armed with the information they’ll find here, the implementation experience can be one of confidence, optimism, and new energy for everyone involved. The described Beyond Lean Six Sigma methods work for all businesses, no matter if they are manufacturing, service, or development. Hospitals and other organizations can, and have, saved millions of dollars by applying Beyond Lean Six Sigma principles to their industry.

Forrest Breyfogle III is considered an expert in the wise implementation of Lean Six Sigma. He is the author of several highly-acclaimed books, including Implementing Six Sigma, 2nd Edition, and Managing Six Sigma. Mr. Breyfogle is the CEO of Smarter Solutions, Inc., where experts provide a variety of organizations with Six Sigma and Lean training, coaching, and implementation assistance.

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