Breakthrough Management Group International Releases the Definitive ‘How-To’ Guide to Innovation


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THE INNOVATION GUIDE for Business Leaders, Managers and New Product Developers, “The Innovators Toolkit: 50 + Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Growth” Is Now Available

Denver, Colorado (Oct. 29, 2008) – Growing a company isn’t easy – and it’s even more difficult to do on a sustainable basis if you don’t have a system for innovation built into your organization. Breakthrough Management Group International (BMGI), an internationally recognized leader in performance-improvement systems, has released its newest title on one of today’s hottest business topics. The Innovators Toolkit: 50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Growth, by BMGI CEO David Silverstein, BMGI Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Phil Samuel and business author Neil DeCarlo.

Silverstein and BMGI chose this topic because it is one of the hottest issues in business today. “When approaching innovation in a systematic manner, the reader’s digest version won’t work, that would be like trying to build a house without the blueprints. You need the details, a pragmatic and hands-on roadmap for successful innovation projects, as well as a high-level overview of the guiding methodology. EVERYONE has problems to solve and this book will help you find innovative solutions to everyday problems.”

The Innovator’s Toolkit explains more than fifty fundamental tools and concepts that anyone involved in innovation should be familiar with — especially methods and strategies for creating new products, services and business models. This book is written in an easy-to-use reference format that helps readers understand why, when, and how to apply each tool.

Dr. Philip Samuel, Chief Innovation Officer for BMGI says, “Many books on innovation fall into two categories: creativity enhancement and strategic innovation. The Innovators Toolkit fuses innovation tools and techniques and is organized around a four-step innovation methodology — define, discover, develop, and demonstrate — it takes readers through problem identification, then flows into idea generation, idea selection, and, finally, idea implementation.”

The Innovator’s Toolkit is the first book of its kind that:

  • Provides a step-by-step process to drive organic growth through innovation.
  • Establishes a needed clarity around what and how to engage in the process of innovation.
  • Offers a practical framework for making innovation predictable and sustainable in any organization, with techniques – from basics like “imaginary brainstorming” to “axiomatic design.”
  • Is organized around a four-step innovation methodology -define, discover, develop, and demonstrate – that takes readers through problem identification, then flows into idea generation, idea selection, and, finally, idea implementation.
  • Includes free downloadable forms and templates.

BMGI’s CEO Silverstein says his desire to write this book came from his passion to help individuals and organizations who seem to be frustrated by innovation. “People are struggling with implementing innovation. We wanted to develop a relatively straight forward, easy to learn, and repeatable method and set of tools to ensure people would innovate. This book does exactly that.”

Published by John Wiley & Sons, The Innovators Toolkit is available wherever books are sold, including, Borders and Barnes and Noble.

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About the Authors

David Silverstein is founder and CEO of Breakthrough Management Group International, an international consultancy and training organization focused on innovation, Six Sigma, and business excellence. A successful public speaker and executive coach, his articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Worth, Investor’s Business Daily, and BusinessWeek, among others.

Dr. Philip Samuel is Chief Innovation Officer at Breakthrough Management Group, a frequent public speaker, and an executive coach on innovation, Six Sigma, and lean practices. He is a coauthor of Design for Lean Six Sigma from Wiley.

Neil DeCarlo is a veteran business author and publishing consultant. He has written more than 200 articles and papers on performance excellence, and is coauthor of Insourcing Innovation, Six Sigma for Dummies, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Lean Six Sigma.

About Breakthrough Management Group International

BMGI is the world’s leading provider of training and consulting for performance excellence. Specializing in Lean, Six Sigma and Innovation, BMGI works with leading companies around the globe to help “in-source” new capability and develop new core competencies. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Longmont, Colo., BMGI has developed a loyal clientele that today exceeds 200 active businesses in industries as diverse as biotechnology, health care, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and energy. BMG has offices in 12 countries and has more than 100 employees worldwide. For more information on consulting services, visit

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