GAGEpack® Release Features Enhanced Measurement Systems Analysis


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DAYTON, OH – June 10, 2005 – GAGEpack EZ offers easy-to-use capabilities for measurement systems analysis and gage management. Enhancements in the newest release, including maintenance scheduling and robust reporting functions, render it the most comprehensive and affordable gage R&R software solution available. The program can be downloaded for a 30-day free trial from PQ Systems’ web site (

New features found in this version of the popular gage R&R software program include a maintenance calendar that keeps scheduled maintenance activities, in addition to calibration and R&R events, available at a glance. The list can be color-coded to easily highlight important due dates. For R&R percentages, sigma values can be user-selected. Security is improved with a view-only mode and password access for creation, deletion, and editing of files. Drag-and-drop reports allow users to completely customize output, include footers, and create a special “my reports” list.

GAGEpack is a powerful program that helps users manage complete histories of measurement devices, instruments, and gages. Included are functions for linearity, bias, stability, measurement uncertainty, and attributes R&R studies with relevant graphs and charts.

GAGEpack can play an important role in a Six Sigma project, as well as help organizations conform to ISO 9000, QS-9000, and other critical calibration standards. Historical calibration records of inspection, measuring, and test equipment are collected and retrieved easily in order to generate accurate and effective reports.

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