Rath & Strong Introduces the First Integrated Lean Six Sigma Road Map in the Most Advanced Approach to Lean Six Sigma Today


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LEXINGTON, MA – April 15, 2005 – Integrating Lean and Six Sigma under the DMAIC problem-solving method is an extension of Rath & Strong’s pioneering role in first introducing Lean from Japan and in inventing the tools that became Six Sigma at Motorola. Rath & Strong’s Integrated Lean Six Sigma Roadmap is the latest product from the firm that led in the innovations in Lean principles and tools and in statistical-based process improvement that are now Lean Six Sigma.

“Do you solve the serious quality problems with Six Sigma before trying to improve flow? Or use Lean tools to identify and prioritize quality problems to solve? Integrated Lean Six Sigma ends the debate. To improve processes, you need both Lean and Six Sigma under a common methodological framework. Rath & Strong leads in showing companies how to deploy Lean Six Sigma under DMAIC to achieve sustainable improvement,” commented Dan Quinn, CEO and President, Rath & Strong.

From the author’s of the Wall Street Journal Best Selling Six Sigma Pocket Guide, Integrated Lean Six Sigma under the DMAIC problem-solving process provides a powerful methodology for improving all types of business process—service, transactional, office, or manufacturing processes. Rath & Strong’s new Integrated Lean Six Sigma Road Map takes the guesswork out of the “what tool to use when” dilemma that is frequently an issue in any process improvement effort and shows clearly when and how to deploy Lean Six Sigma’s powerful improvement principles and tools.

Breakthroughs developed by Rath & Strong in its consulting, coaching, and training programs in Lean Six Sigma are distilled in the seamless methodology depicted in Rath & Strong’s Integrated Lean Six Sigma Road Map that is already being used by graduates of Rath & Strong’s programs around the world. Rath & Strong’s Lean Six Sigma programs and their graduates are recognized as leaders in Lean Six Sigma and in driving change. Black Belts, Green Belts, Sponsors, Champions, Stakeholders, and Team Members ALL find this Road Map an invaluable resource for Lean Six Sigma methods, tools, techniques, and milestones for each step of the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC process.

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Now celebrating its 70th year in pioneering process improvement methodologies and tools and drawing from our expertise in both technical and behavioral areas, Rath & Strong has helped companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, J.P. Morgan and Siemens achieve lasting change with advances in operations, leadership, culture, and customer connection long before most consulting firms even existed. Rath & Strong helped invent Six Sigma at Motorola, was at GE Capital when Six Sigma was applied to services for the first time across the board, and pioneered the integration of Lean and process improvement methodologies. Rath & Strong’s full solutions approach offering consulting, coaching, and training creates change that sticks and achieves significant quantifiable results and sustainable competitive advantage.

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