How the time has flown!

The Cox-Box is nowentering its second year since creation. I’ve received some honest feedback on the content and the characters as the strip evolves…Thanks to you who have given feedback.

But as any good Black Belt would promote,I need to strive for Continuous Improvement and,as Ido inmyprofessional role as a Process Excellence Advisor (which is why I became a Black Belt), I want to improveThe Cox-Box.

The Cox-Box, whichstartedas afun hobby andpass-time has become a fun passion (which many hobbies can become), that hasme dailylooking for new ideas and events that happen so I can turn them into cartoons foryou to enjoy. Which I hope you do.Creating The Cox-Box haschanged my paradigmthrough which I see and experience ordinary events, even BBQ’s -(see cartoon below, and the one to come)

Feedback this week has once again prompted me to give the Six Sigma Guy a ’real name’… not the first time I’ve received this feedback.

A big part of me wouldlike to give him a name, but once a name is given I know it must stick for as long as the cartoon strip exists. As any parent will tell you picking names for you children is a big deal,asit should be!In a strangeway I feela similar pressure to get the name for Six Sigma Guy just right…It’s got to be one that ’fits’ the Character. So, those of you have been following the strip here on the Blogs and those who have seen it iniSix Sigma magazine, I’d like to hear your suggestions for names.

To all of you who havecome to enjoyThe Cox-Box (and even to those of you who don’t enjoy it)I hope your 2006 is a significant improvement over 2005.


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