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Project Charter

** Real Lean and Six Sigma Project Examples **

Real-life Lean and Six Sigma project examples, with about five PowerPoint-like slides laid out and presented with commentary as if a Green Belt or Black Belt were presenting in a Lean Six Sigma final tollgate meeting.

A Project Charter Communication Strategy Is Essential

Six Sigma professionals must establish a communication plan when developing and validating a team charter. A finely executed Black Belt project can suffer disappointing results if an efficient mechanism is not already in place to ensure that vital information is relayed to those members who need it.

Adding Value to Content of Six Sigma Project Charters

While most Six Sigma project charters address a fairly standard list of issues, two areas critical to the long-term success of projects should be added – how a project might detract from or add to the value a company is providing to its customers.

Define Tools Give Teams Much-needed Information

Driven by daily pains and the need for instant fixes, projects may commence with Measure, Analyze and Improve pooled together in one giant step. But by skipping Define, practitioners miss an opportunity for making valuable process discoveries.

Six Sigma Project Charter (With Template)

A project charter is the first step in all quality methodologies, especially the Six Sigma methodology. The project charter defines all interactions of the project and sets the stage for a successful completion.

Six Sigma Project Charter as a Vital Control Document

The project charter is the first step and one of the most important parts of any Six Sigma project. It should contain the 11 elements described here.

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