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  • Action limits can be set using whatever technique wanted but at least you can say you were more scientific by using 1 or 2 stdev below the current average.

    I don’t know your sampling or # of employees being checked for retention but I wouldn’t recommend doing a daily check on retention unless you see you have a repeatable pattern that fits a…[Read more]

  • If following the typical DMAIC methodology, you should have created a problem statement with a goal for the metric (retention rate) in the Define phase and confirmed the goal was valid in the Measure phase. These conversations should be with the project sponsor…project managers (or belts) shouldn’t be setting goals–especially in a vacuum.

    I…[Read more]

  • I have no financial connection with them and am more familiar with their BB product but check this place… It’s a great model for teaching online.

  • How does one measure brand equity?

  • Remember, they are probably using the formula UCL = x(double bar) + A2*Rbar

    A2 is .577 for a sample size of 5 in each average

  • Melissa,
    The one where they are waiting for help instead of walking off escalator when it’s broken?

  • @aricis I have had clients in the mining industry since 2003. We have worked North & South America, Australia and Africa. Our deployment in South Africa won a global completion for deployment of the year for two consecutive years. We still have 3 active mining clients currently.

    @cseider (posts here frequently) worked with us in Africa

    We can…[Read more]

  • Try using normsdist function in excel

  • @xbarcrawl I am not being coy either. This is who you chose to “collaborate” with? This sounds a lot like the reason you are making catalogs of defects rather than fixing the problems. Actually the endorsed tweaking is probably a source of your defects.

    Just my opinion

  • @straydog I have spent a substantial amount of time in Africa. Love the place but have never actually eaten an elephant. My favorite restaurant there is a place called Carnivores (Muldersdrift, South Africa – it actually has a great vegetarian kitchen as well separate from the meat kitchen) and they don’t even serve it (nor lion either). All that…[Read more]

  • I’m trying not to be coy but have you shown defects in their supplied raw material by having samples taken?

    If they understand what you consider a defect, they can begin to improve the process.

  • Mike Carnell replied to the topic Try-storming in the forum Methodology 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    @MohitSharma I have watched this post for a while and managed some level of self restraint in posting a response. I am not a big fan of either brainstorming nor best practices. I’ll explain that in a minute.

    It seems people say they love Deming and read all that he wrote but they pick and choose what they actually want to live by. One of the…[Read more]

  • @bbme Your link should explain it pretty well. The drawing of the curves being centered in the spec is common enough but also feeds the idea that SS is about centering the distribution – which has nothing to do with it.

    The comments under the article were hilarious in a very statistician type of way. I did like the one that asserted that Taguchi…[Read more]

  • @leaning The link you posted is pretty representative of what you can get on forums although typically that close together. The first answer was plain stupid, the second was the same as you gotten here twice and the third answer was for control limits.

    @Straydog gave you the correct answer. @Amitojha basically said the same thing. They are…[Read more]

  • @Richa1418 To your example The customer said power was off and your people don’t trust them. That isn’t about trust. That is out survival. The person with their hands in the machine should own the lock on the Lock Out/Tag Out. That doesn’t make planning NVA.

    Unless your work is on something that doesn’t change from one site to the next I would…[Read more]

  • @xbarcrawl I hate to be the one to break this news to you but nobody has an infinite number of suppliers. If you have chosen a supplier who can’t do the simple math that says if I can build to this spec based on understanding my process and controlling it then I have nobody that can compete with me on other products. If that concept doesn’t make…[Read more]

  • @rbutler I was very happy to see you recommending one of Bob Launsby’s books. I have used his book “Straight Talk on Designing Experiments” in our training. I like it for the very simple reason it introduces you to a lot of different designs and what you can get from them. It drives me crazy when people tell me that they are a Plackett Burman…[Read more]

  • @gjallgeier Assume there are stages to your sales process? If you are planning on doing a change and waiting for the entire cycle to complete to decide if you have made a difference I would think it doesn’t make a lot of sense and will be extremely difficult to differentiate between what you did and did not do inside the process to improve it. It…[Read more]

  • @amsa I am not sure why starting a SS deployment, regardless of business type. is such a mystery. Why do you want to do it? What is it in your business or business metrics that is telling you that you have a problem?

    Sure you can go do a Value Stream Map and dive right into tools. What are you looking for? When you begin a deployment you have to…[Read more]

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