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SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 2015
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  • @Mark — Unfortunately, it was brought to our attention that a significant portion of the article was plagiarized. We therefore removed it from our website.

  • There is no NEED for data normalization.

    It’s an interesting tool but the non normalized data is AWESOME for driving improvements but it’s a way the process is “talking” to you and the team.

    A colleague will point out many of the traditionally used tests for normal data are quite robust for non-normal, continuous data but I use nonparametric…[Read more]

  • @straydog “more than his buy-in”? Buy in is always most important for any change initiative…. :)

  • Benefit calculations should always involve a financial rep because they will ALWAYS review/question it otherwise.

  • @JRBguy I am not sure why you think this will get you better results. You are going to truncate the material to what applies. Why? That gives them less options when they get to the next project that may or may not require a different set of tools. If they are unaware of them they won’t even know to ask someone about application.

    One on one. Works…[Read more]

  • @Adam — This question has been asked and answered many times on the forum. Did you search before asking?

    Also, you might want to keep in mind that the “best” varies for individuals based on the factors mentioned in this article:

  • I would advise on going in the other direction. Train lots of folks as long as you have them doing projects as part of the adult learning model to apply what they’ve learned in class and apply the new knowledge.

  • @cseider Thank you. This is a concept that seems to escape people particularly for variables type charts. SPC is Statistical Process Control not Statistical Product Control. The minute that someone doesn’t get the huge build numbers they immediately think that nothing applies.

    It goes back to the Y = f(x). The x’s are independent variables of the…[Read more]

  • I can’t imagine what throughput % you’re referring to in your note.

    If you’re referring to RTY, it’s related to DPU and not DPMO and falls apart if the DPU gets larger than 0.1.

  • @Mike-Carnell Nicely worded advice and to the point.

  • @bilalhussain2010 I may be reading to much into your post but it looks like you are doing machining. I have spent some time in that industry and there are some nuances. The material in aerospace is expensive. It drives some different approaches. Basically they tend to approach spec limits cautiously and tend to leave as much material as possible…[Read more]

  • There are statistical tests for data sets that don’t follow normality curves. Don’t despair.

  • @cseider It is The Prince. Thank you.

  • I believe it’s a Prince and not a Price :) @mike-carnell. The danger of typing on a phone!

    @silvana Don’t forget to read Kotter’s 8 steps.

  • @silvana You stated they are project delivery managers in business process outsourcing services sector. Are these people considered Senior Executives? Lots of people write about change at that level. That is not where the real issues with driving change happen.

    Here is the issue that you are dealin with and it has little to do with executives:
    We…[Read more]

  • @silvana you might try this book as well. It isn’t a change management book but it is certainly part of a foundation for change just as speed is.

    Just my opinion.

  • @fabio71 You are still asking good questions. Consider this most SS projects are rework. Someone designed a product/process incorrectly, someone bought cheep material, someone did not maintain equipment, etc. A SS problem generally fixes “a” problem.

    DFSS will move you to the root cause of a lot of issues. Your design process will improve (read…[Read more]

  • @Silvana There are a ton of people who consider themselves change management experts. The unfortunate part is the sum total of what they have to tell you is “change is hard.” Yes it is thank you for the epiphany.

    There are a lot of aspects you need to consider but the first is you need to be introspective. Do you have the personal credibility to…[Read more]

  • DFSS exists to promote six sigma processes but it’s hard because many companies don’t truly know how their processes work…they know the technology but not necessarily how the process works.

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