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  • I was waiting for a colleague or two reply…but your request is silly if I understand it.
    Just use excel or Minitab to generate some data. I doubt you’ll get many volunteers to give out process data from their organizations.

    However, you could always see if you could network with a bank branch manager and volunteer to gather data for a week…[Read more]

  • To Case,

    One can’t make that assumption…one should check the options to see what’s selected for each user. However, it’s a minor enough point in the whole DMAIC methodology.

  • As announced in the Democrat & Chronicle today, Xerox is cutting its formal Lean Six Sigma program (“Xerox cutting back on Lean Six Sigma program, jobs“).

    According to the president of corporate operations […]

  • Remember what the formula is for Ppk. You can always use the minimum mean for the confidence interval and the maximum standard deviation for the confidence interval desired. That will give you your lower CI for Ppk. Do a similar way for the upper CI for Ppk.

  • The calculations of control limits uses a different estimation of the standard deviation than the standard deviation calculated by hand (or Excel function). This is to reflect that the sample size is usually small and therefor an estimation of long term variability is needed. Shewhart’s Table of Constants was developed to account for the…[Read more]

  • I’d say address the team’s root causes for the major defect and gather more data afterward to see if the problem left the process.

    I know it’s not a popular question but did you do an attribute gage R&R? How good is your data about whether the defect really existed. Maybe the “measurement system” is throwing away good items as bad ones….NOT…[Read more]

  • Kind of hard to comment when the data isn’t supplied or numbers given. Anyways, there are various settings and assumptions so you’re probably correct.

  • Consider getting 30 samples from product already produced. This will give you a good idea of “actuality” of pre-control being executed.

  • Chris Seider replied to the topic Paperless Project in the forum General 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Define a problem and the business case with a project champion. That’s a start.

  • No it’s not practical…in my opinion. Complexity of activities are far too numerous in various work practices and quality activities to give guidelines of 10% of quality check/processing time.

  • @Muthumari All of has descriptions and explanations of Lean Six Sigma methods and tools. Search the site and you should find what you need and want.

  • Yes, you need to do an attribute MSA. If you’re finding your claims aren’t audited correctly, then no matter what number of claims you audit, you can’t have good confidence in the accuracy of your results.

    Look on the website about attribute gage R&R or attribute MSA.

  • Katie Barry posted an update 3 weeks, 6 days ago

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  • It’s not a tool but often found in organizations…it’s named after a river in Egypt…. De”nial”

  • I would consider doing a pareto of failures from returns/customer complaints and see if you can find out which features are causing the most issues.

    Just because you have specs…are they internal ones? If not correct for the customer’s needs, then just achieving 1.33 Cpk isn’t good enough.

    Also, don’t fret about shifting (my two cents). …[Read more]

  • Look for synergies of the two toolboxes that do overlap in the two “camps”.

    I usually just refer to Lean Six Sigma as a methodology.

  • Hey, if it works…go for it

  • @Siddra — We have a construction section in our Industries section of content:

    There are a plenty of other sections of the website that would help you. Two are:

    I suggest you…[Read more]

  • @KatieBarry of course, this site is best resource.

  • @karan477 We have a section of content on process mapping —

    You can search iSixSigma for more information in other sections of the site (e.g., dictionary, forums, etc.)

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