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Metrics 101 – Supplier Delivery

Notes from the Deployment Front There are just three things leaders need to get right. First is to act like leaders. That is to say when you are involved in this be clear about your commitment. Any leader that talks about this and then talks about more important priorities is not a leader. People hear…


Bad Deployment Top 10

Notes from the Deployment Front Sorry for the long delay in posting here. I’ve been working on taking a failed deployment and turning it around. It’s tedious work with a lot of sleepless nights trying to get a very successful company to understand how to become even better. The good news is that it’s going…

Getting the Right Change Agent on the Bus

Notes from the deployment frontline 31 October 05 Sorry about the two month delay – babies and work have consumed my time. Alison Grace is sleeping most of the night and Mom is feeling almost normal. Work is going from tactical to strategic as we are beginning to understand the value of focusing change agents…


First Things First

Notes from the deployment frontline 31 Aug 05 Having been raised 20 miles from salt water in Tampa, I am in love with warm and salty water and mesmerized by hurricanes. That said, I think we should all pause this week and think about what is really important. Those of us that think our companies,…

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Friends and Family

When I accepted this invitation from Mike Cyger, he suggested that I post once a week and so I have set aside Tuesday mornings from 5:00 to 7:00 to put down something I think is worthwhile. This week I got a call at 4 am from my beautiful wife, Aimee, telling me to catch the…


Lean Six Sigma Executive

Notes from the deployment frontline Why does this stuff work? For those of you who don’t know me, I work in the land of Laverne and Shirley for a fine 100 year old company that is trying to change without losing what makes people want to spend a career here. I am five months into…

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