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Posts tagged "Teaching DOE"

Posts Tagged ‘Teaching DOE’

DOE for Services: Right Training Makes It a Valuable Tool

When it comes to mastering design of experiments (DOE), many experience a steep learning curve. To fully understand and apply DOE, quality professionals need to learn when to use it, how to set up the experimental design and how to interpret results.

Give Trainees DOE Experience with Simulated Experiments

Design of experiments (DOE) is an important tool for driving improvement. Through simulations used in training, new Belts can get hands-on experience while learning the challenges of DOE before they apply it to costly real-world experiments.

Most Practical DOE Explained (with Template)

For purposes of learning, using, or teaching design of experiments (DOE), one can argue that an eight run array is the most practical and universally applicable array that can be chosen. There are several forms of and names given to the various types of these eight run arrays (e.g., 2^3 Full Factorial, Taguchi L8, 2^4-1 Half Fraction, Plackett-Burman 8-run, etc.), but they are all very similar.

Teaching DOE Using Formula Fuelers Toy Motorcycles

Teaching DOE to DFSS trainees offers challenges on how best to transfer knowledge. Needed are constant and accurate results in examples used, reasonable material costs and instructional techniques to keep class interest. Solution: A toy motorcycle.

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