In my opinion, between 25 and 50 percent of variable pay must be directly linked to “hard” Six Sigma goals – throughout the organizational hierarchy.  This tactic usually gets everybody’s attention and quickly sounds the alarm to “align goals and objectives.”  It also sets the mood for “win-win” and generates a lot of leadership energy.  In short, it often yields the benefits typically associated with the realization of super-ordinate goals. 

As a final piece of advice, try to muster two or three key executives for the purpose of an application project.  It is essential to get some of the top leadership “down on the floor” where people can see them, touch them, talk to them – come to know they are real.  Such a demonstration of leadership usually gets the workers excited and certainly puts the pressure on their executive peers.  Another tactic is for you to reach several of the key shareholders (if you know what I mean).  Also include the financial analysts (if you are really gutsy).  Translate what Six Sigma would mean for their shares each year.  While this is a little stealthy, it sure works to get an uncommitted CEO off top-dead center. 

Of course, the application of such tactics may cause you to win the battle, but loose the war (i.e., there is the risk of being fired for doing such things).  But, what the hell – there are other jobs.  Besides, it would appear that you now have the credentials and experience to just about “name your price.”  Seems you are now in a position that your company needs you more than you need it.  So, my advice would be to start pushing the envelope.  Do first, and then ask for forgiveness.  After all, this is what being a Six Sigma change agent is all about.

Remember, it is virtually certain that the omission or commission of information will create distrust.  Provide accurate, valid, and reliable information and your base of trust will grow.  As your base of trust grows, so will your organizational influence.  As it grows, many of today’s problems magically disappear.

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