I first wrote about Paccar and Six Sigma back in 2005, then again in 2006 I wrote a blurb with some noteworthy news. Today Paccar released their Q1 earning report that highlights the most current status of their Six Sigma and Lean deployments.

Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing Generate Savings and Improve Efficiency
“PACCAR’s application of Six Sigma tools together with Lean Manufacturing techniques have generated cumulative benefits for PACCAR of $1.2 billion since 1998,” commented Helene Mawyer, PACCAR vice president. “Thirteen thousand PACCAR employees have been trained in Six Sigma and over 10,000 projects have been implemented throughout the company. Six Sigma and Lean projects are integrated in all PACCAR facilities and have improved product quality and reduced costs in the factories and offices.”

Wow have they done well with Six Sigma and Lean. More than 10 years after the initial implementation, Helene Mawyer (who has been there since the early days) is now a VP and still touting the efficiency gains at Paccar. In 2004 they had trained 7000+ employees. Now it’s up to 13,000. Over the course of their deployment they have averaged benefits of $120,000 per project. Not too shabby.

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