The best of iSixSigma 2019 features the highlights of this year’s content – those best loved by our readers.

1. What’s the Best Way to Teach Lean to Adults? Play with Legos

Readers were happy to learn how Covetrus includes Legos in its Lean training – not just playing with Legos, but competing with Legos. Teaching process lead time comes alive as teams compete to build widgets and apply Lean’s concepts in a tangible exercise.

2. The Importance of Sample Size

Figuring out the right number of samples is a perennial concern for Lean Six Sigma practitioners. This article helps break down why using too many or too few samples can endanger your results.

3. 4 Key Ingredients to a Quick and Effective Lean Six Sigma Process

These concepts may be simple, but that doesn’t mean that companies don’t need to keep their focus on them. Learn the four ingredients that will help any organization get the most impact from its LSS program.

4. Lean Tools for the Novice

Even without a formal continuous improvement program in your organization, you can still take advantage of Lean tools! This article features three tools – 5 Whys, visual controls and process mapping – making big improvements to office processes.

5. Standard Work: What It Is and Measures of Success

How can you tell if your company has implemented standardized work effectively? When it helps capture tribal knowledge, identifies problems in the process and drives out waste.

BONUS! 2019-2020 State of the OpEx Industry Report

If you missed it earlier this year, it’s not too late to download iSixSigma’s 2019 State of the OpEx Industry Report! Find out which operational excellence deployment models yield the most successful results, how culture change can help or hinder an OpEx program, what OpEx benefits most companies are seeing and much more.

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