IQPC Six Sigma Summit 2006: Day 2

Gianna Clark, Managing Director Six Sigma, Dominion

Gianna Clark is full of energy! Her presentation entitled “Maintaining Six Sigma Momentum, Recipe for Success” was indeed a recipe with real ingredients and instructions to baking up Six Sigma success.

The staple ingredients are: Projects, Engagement, Metrics, and Sponsorship. With the right mix of each, throw the secret ingredient, Passion into the bowl, and BAM!, you’re baking a Six Sigma masterpiece. (Gianna was excited to use Emeril’s BAM! in her presentation). Passion is the secret ingredient because the more passion you have, the less time it takes to bake.

One quality take-away is what Gianna said at the end of the presentation; if you don’t have all the ingredients, just do what all Mom’s do, improvise. It is clear that Gianna has plenty of the “secret ingredient” to share. To read more advice from Gianna on implementing Six Sigma, read her blog!

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